Vidal City Islamabad


Vidal City Islamabad is a new attraction among the smart housing societies of the twin cities. Vidal City is a venture that aims to provide first-rate amenities within its framework.

Anyone looking for an opportunity to invest in Islamabad’s highly profitable housing society will find this to be the best option. This housing venture is not only providing you with a luxurious lifestyle, but the Vidal City Islamabad plots for sale also have highly affordable rates. In other words, this could be a dream realized for many of you.

The Vidal City in Islamabad is being developed by one of the most reputable developers. The Vidal City Islamabad

The master plan is comparable to any top housing society in the world. There will be community centers, public parks, theme parks, hospitals, walking tracks, gyms, educational institutes, hotels, and restaurants; in other words, you will not have to go anywhere for your daily needs. Everything of vital importance would be just outside your doorstep.

For developing this society, the owners of Vidal City Islamabad have selected the best focal location among the twin cities. This multi gated community provides access to all of the major landmarks and localities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad within a short time. There is no hassle of distance, and thus this point also has added value to this society.


If you want to update your life while still living in Pakistan, then here you go: the Vidal City Islamabad offers you all the world’s best amenities, which you have not even imagined yet. These modern and high tech amenities are of world-class quality.

The best part about Vidal City Islamabad is that they have kept this offer open to all members of this society. This means that those cutting-edge amenities and facilities would not be confined to just a few sectors, but instead would be scattered in different sectors, near different neighborhoods. With this respect, Vidal City Islamabad is also named the “City of the Future.”

Vidal City Islamabad Developers

One of the most reputed developers is going to create Vidal City Islamabad. They are the biggest name among the developers in Pakistan. They have a long history in this industry and have earned a good name for their hard work, dedication, and flawless construction work. A team of highly competent architects and engineers is a part of this development firm and has created some wonderful master pieces in the past decade.

Vidal City Islamabad NOC

Vidal City Islamabad is a newly launched housing society. They have opened their booking office, and much other important legal documentation is also passing through the process of authorization and acknowledgment. They have already acquired land, and now their non objection certificate is with the Rawalpindi Development Authority. It is expected that RDA will issue its NOC quite soon.

Vidal City Islamabad Master Plan

Following a general discussion, it is time to learn about the Vidal City Islamabad Map. First and foremost, the Vidal City housing project is still in its early stages. We can call it a under-developed project at this point. It is in its early stages of development, or marketers’ ability to create. Following the unveiling of this housing project, all of its related features, as well as its actual legal status, were also declared. The authority has not yet revealed any details about the Vidal City Islamabad master plan.

This indicates that the master plan for Vidal City is in the hands of professionals and is steadily completing all the stages of renovations. The Vidal City master plan will soon be publicized once it has taken on its final form.

Vidal City Islamabad Location

Vidal City Islamabad as mentioned earlier is located at the prime location among the twin cities. The area that it acquired is surrounded by the some important localities and the landmarks of the twin cities.

Important Nearest Routes

Following is the list of the routes that provide access to Vidal City Islamabad housing society

Nearby Major Localities

Let’s have a look at the major localities located nearby Vidal City Islamabad housing society

Vidal City Islamabad Features and Amenities

Vidal City Islamabad is one of the upcoming attractions among various other housing societies in Islamabad. Three owners have designed the Vidal City Islamabad master plan in such a way that there should not be any hassle for any of the people living here to access the daily necessities of life.

There will be many gated options provided for you. So, depending on your needs, you can use any of them to save time.

For the healthy activities of the kids, youth, and elderly citizens, there would be theme parks, gyms, and walking tracks.

To provide ultimate safety to the inhibitors, a well-established security system will also be installed, which will work 24/7.

A beautifully paved boulevard with greater width is part of this housing scheme. Furthermore, each sector will have its own set of wider streets. At each of the intersections, sufficient light would be available for night vision.

Vidal City Islamabad Amenities

Following is the a list contains the names of the amenities available in Vidal City Islamabad


After a detailed discussion on Vidal City Islamabad, the truth has come to light that this housing venture is, in fact, the future City of Pakistan. They have a plan to offer Vidal City plots for sale at the most affordable rates, so the general public may also avail an opportunity to live in such an advanced and highly luxurious housing society of Islamabad. This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Ideal Deals strongly advises those looking to make an investment to consider Vidal City Islamabad.