top historical places in Pakistan

Among the ancient wonders of the world, the historical places of Pakistan come on the top list. There are many top historical places in Pakistan that you must visit once in a lifetime. Geographically present-day Pakistan is located at the position which remains under the dominion of many influential personalities in ancient times. We have got many top historical places in Pakistan that you must visit with this reference.

Historical Places in Pakistan

The history of the land now known as Pakistan is many centuries old. Its history goes back to the pre-historic era. Let’s take the example of Soan valley, the oldest historical region in South East Asia, located in Rawalpindi, which dates back to the Paleolithic era. So Pakistan has many historical sites from pre-historic, pro-historic and Historic period. Besides, there are multiple religious, historical sites related to Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, etc. All these sites are scattered throughout in the length and width of this country.

As mentioned earlier, this region has remained under different sovereigns like Persians, Greeks, Muryans, Sytho-Parthians and White Huns, etc. Hence, Pakistan is enriched with the gems of historic structures that retain their unique art, architecture, and history. 

Here we will mention a few fabulous historical places that deserve a must-visit.

Here we are covering the Top 10 historical places in Pakistan; 

Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort is one of the most beautiful and famous historical places in Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at the most scenic spot near Jehlum, Punjab. The Rohtas fort is of great value due to its well-preserved structures. It has 12 gates and 68 bastion towers. This fort was constructed in about the 16th century by Sher Shah Suri. Sher Shah built this fort at the most strategic location to stop Humayun from entering the Subcontinent after his exile. There are much worth seen architectural elements within this fort, including stepped well, Ramparts, elegantly decorated gateways, Langer Khana{canteen}, royal mosque and Haveli Man Singh.


Mohenjo-Daro is one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites, located in district Larkana, Sindh. It comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. Mohenjo-Daro is a Bronze Age site, which belongs to the famous Indus Valley Civilization. There are numerous sites of IVC in Pakistan, which mainly recovered from Punjab and Sindh. 

Mohenjodara is important because it is one of the urban sites of the IVC, where you may see many structures still standing like houses, granaries, great baths etc., in their original and well-preserved form. Secondly, a building of Mohenjo-Daro site Museum is available here for the visitors, containing a considerable number of artifacts discovered from the same site. Mohenjodara is among the Top 10 historical places in Pakistan. These artifacts give a glance at the life of the people, once lived in this region in about 2600 BC.


 Harrapa is another site that belongs to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. It is one of the famous historical places in Punjab. Harrapa also comes under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Harrapa is situated in District Sahiwal, Punjab. Besides Mohenjo-Daro, the structures of this ancient urban city are also well preserved; it is a reason that this site is a great attraction for tourists from within and abroad. Here in the ruins of this ancient site, you will come across mud-brick houses, along with the intersecting streets made-up of burnt bricks. A fantastic site museum is available to see all the exhibited artifacts recovered from the site.


When you search for ancient sites list in Pakistan, you will learn about Taxila, one of the famous historical places in Pakistan, situated in Punjab. Taxila is of great value historically, as there are numerous precious Buddhist stupas and monasteries here, and all of these are primarily in a better state. Taxila remained under the control of Persians, Greeks, Muriyans and Sytho-Parthians. All of the historic sites in Taxila are of international value, as they are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taxila is one of the top rating tourist sites. The government has also provided unique access to the different historical sites of Taxila via connecting roads from the Main route.

Takht-i Bahi

Takht Bhai Stupa and Monastery is one of the beautiful and exceptional pieces of Buddhist architecture in Pakistan. The religious complex of the Takht e Bahi is presently located in the District Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This Buddhist site is some 52 miles to the northeast of Peshawar. It stands 500 feet above the plain and is approached by a steep and winding path. In this monastic complex, one feels like rendering in a city, wholly created with the grey stone. Assembly hall of Monks, Kitchen, Dining area, Monastic Chambers, Court of Votive Stupas, Main Stupa chamber, underground worship chapels and the wall of statues are impressive remains to see at the site.

Makali Hills

Talking about Sindh, there are many historic value sites situated here. Among those, the graveyard of Thatta, Makli Hills, one of the famous historical places in Pakistan, is of great value. This site has been recognized as one of the largest Muslim’s graveyards in the Subcontinent. The history of this necropolis, is composed of four centuries from 14th to 18th century CE. This site has some six square mile area, where half a million tombs and graves have been recorded. These are not ordinary graves; instead, they are provided with exceptional and rich artwork. Flowers, geometrical designs and jewellery are the most common motifs, found on these graves of brick and stone.

Mansehra and Sehbaz Gari Rock Edicts

After the conversation of Mauryan King Ashoka, he got many Buddhist religious texts written on the road side (throughout his domain), which the pilgrims used. Today there are about two such sites in Pakistan , where these edicts by Ashoka are found in the much-preserved state. These edicts are written in Khroshti (one of the ancient scripts of the Indian Subcontinent) on the natural rocks near the old routes. One site is located in Shebaz Garhi Khyber Pahtoonkhwa, while the other one is located on the Karakorum road near Mansehra KPK.   

Wazir Khan Mosque 

Wazir khan mosque is a queen mosque, among the other ancient mosques of Pakistan, because of its heavy and intricate tile mosaic work. The mosque is situated in Lahore city and is among the famous tourist destinations as it is one of the famous historical places in Lahore. The tile, with a combination of bright and contrast colours fitting among plain bricks, provides a fantastic gaze that makes you spellbound. Wazir Khan Mosque is among the Islamic historical places in Pakistan

Katas Raj Temples Complex

If you visit the capital city Islamabad, you must go to Katas Raj Temple Complex, situated in the south, at a two-hour drive from Islamabad, district Chakwal. This site is of immense historical value, which contains many Hindu temples. There is a beautiful pond there as well. This site is of great reverence to Hindus. You can have a beautiful view of the salt range mountains from this place. A fantastic scenery beside the ruins of archaeological and historical value is a worth seeing spot.

 Sharada Temple Complex  

The Sharada temple complex is situated in Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. This temple complex was a university containing some notable books on Hinduism mysticism in ancient times. This temple complex was constructed by the lovers of the Hindu goddess Sharda Devi. This temple complex is another highlighted tourist attraction in Azad Kashmir. Also, the worshippers of Sharda Devi pay a visit to this temple each year.


If you search for famous historical places in Pakistan, you may find numerous places to visit in this historically enriched country. The sites of historical and archaeological value are in more significant number. Therefore you can easily reach any of these from any central metropolitan city of Pakistan, whether Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore or Peshawar. You can easily plan one day trip to any of the famous historical places in Pakistan.

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