Top 5 CDA approved housing Schemes for investment in Islamabad

Do you want to know about the Top 5 CDA approved housing Schemes for investment in Islamabad? Well, you are at the right place. Here you are going to get informed about the Top 5 CDA approved housing Schemes for investment in Islamabad, which offer state of the art amenities, and which are also located at the best location in Islamabad.

Top 5 CDA Approved Housing Schemes For Investment In Islamabad

 While looking for the top best housing schemes in Islamabad 2021-22, you come to know about the capital development authority is responsible for providing approval to the new emerging housing societies, which come under any of the 5 zones of Islamabad. So CDA Islamabad latest news is that the real estate market is growing higher and higher since many new housing schemes have emerged in and around the suburb of Islamabad. However, each newly launched housing scheme applies for a NOC. It is a lengthy process, including many legal steps required to pass a final approval to a housing society. Many housing societies pre-launch their instalment plans and begin selling plots, while the NOC is still pending. 

One of the most important constituents required before an investment is the legal clearance of that property. Being legal means safe investment. If you buy a property and wait for 8 to 10 years before building a house, it is a big opportunity as the property will mature. But if the property you have bought does not have any NOC, then any investment will be in vain.

Aside from being the most beautiful city in Pakistan, Islamabad is also known for its modern housing developments, which has fascinated people to invest in real estate in Islamabad and live a high standard of luxurious life in the most comfortable environment.

It’s time to find the top 5 CDA approved housing Schemes for investment in Islamabad.

Engineers Housing Scheme

Engineers Housing Scheme is located in Islamabad’s Zone 2 Sectors D-16 and D-17. It is on the CDA’s list of approved societies.  Engineers Housing Scheme has approximately 706 Residential Plots for sale in a tranquil setting. On the 11th of August, 2010, they acquired the NOC from CDA. It is one of Islamabad’s top housing societies, with all the amenities such as parks, walking tracks, mosques, commercial areas, security, and more. Moreover, they are offering plots on the best instalment plan. So anyone could afford to buy a property in this society.

Army Welfare Trust (DHA Islamabad)Army Welfare Trust (DHA Islamabad)

Defense Housing Society Islamabad, also known as Army Welfare Trust, is one of Islamabad’s most prestigious housing projects. Army Welfare Trust is among CDA approved housing societies. This housing scheme is a well-established and profitable investment opportunity. However, compared to other housing projects in the city, the rates in DHA Islamabad are substantially higher. For example, a 10 Marla plot in DHA can be acquired for between 1.2 and 1.5 crores, and the costs are rising.

Furthermore, DHA Islamabad contains several Phases where prices and rates differ depending on the area of the plots. RDA has control over some of the DHA sections as well. As a result, we advise investors to invest in DHA Phases 4 and 5 to purchase plots in Defense at low prices and reap more in the long run. If you want to invest for a profitable return, this is one of Islamabad’s best housing societies in instalments. 

Multi Gardens Phase -1

Multi Gardens is one of the many additions to the acclaimed CDA Islamabad new project 2021-22. Multi Gardens is on the CDA’s list of approved housing societies for the year 2021, so it is also among the CDA approved housing societies. It is located in sectors A-17, B-17, and B-18 of Islamabad’s Zone II. This housing society was created by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS).  Multi Garden is easily accessible, as it is located just on the main GT road leading to Peshawar. 

Up to 80% of the development work in Multi Gardens Islamabad has already been completed. They bought 7673 kanals of land, which incorporates 4670 residential plots. The plan for this housing complex was approved on September 27, 2006, and they received the NOC from the CDA on January 30, 2008. The society is organised into blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, according to the master plan, and sells residential and commercial plots in sizes of 5,8,10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal. The Multi Garden Phase-1 is legally approved; therefore, you can invest with assurance.

Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme

On Khanna Lehtrar Road in Islamabad, Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme is located at Mouza Tarlai Kalan, Tarlai Khurd Chak Sudhar, and Khanna Dak. It is one of the top best housing schemes in Islamabad 2021-22.

This housing society is a part of Islamabad’s zone IV. The Islamabad airport is only 9 kilometres away, while Zero Point is about 8 kilometres away. Rehman Enclave Islamabad is a CDA-approved housing society. It consists of 690 kanals, with residential plots of various sizes available. This is one of Islamabad’s legitimate housing societies. They have created the instalment plan in a way that should be flexible for the middle-income group of the society.

The Soan Gardens

The Soan Gardens propose you a golden chance for real estate investment in Islamabad. It is also among the CDA approved housing societies. Lying quite close to Islamabad Expressway, it is another prominent CDA-approved housing society that has attracted investment. The NOC was granted to them on June 15, 1994, and since then, this housing project has grown to be one of the most prominent in 2021-22. Soan Gardens housing scheme Islamabad is on the official list of CDA-approved housing societies, and it has recently proven to be a smart area to invest in.

Nevertheless, the overall rates of plots in Soan Garden are significantly lower. In Soan Garden, you can buy a house for a reasonable price. It has aided the development of this housing project, and investors have opted to invest in Soan Gardens to profit from their investments.

Nevertheless, the developers aim to help the middle-income group of society avail a chance of buying property in this society which is possible due to their flexible instalment plans.


Talking about the CDA approved housing societies, we first get reliability. Of course, CDA is the authorized department. Which also has proved itself by taking faithful and accurate decisions. The housing societies discussed above are entirely safe and secure, and investors will buy plots in these Islamabad real estate schemes without concern. Consequently, it is suggested that investors review this list for satisfaction and do not hesitate while investing in any of these CDA approved housing schemes 2021-22.

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