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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Here we are contentedly introducing a recently lunched housing scheme named Rudn Enclave in the city of Rawalpindi. Like any other ideal housing society, Rudn enclave aims to provide a complete well-established housing society for you. They are launching this scheme with all of the essential amenities that are required for up-to-date modern living. They aim to provide world-class amenities and facilities to the residents of the Rudn Enclave community.

They also have made use of the international expertise besides the local ones to standardize all of the essential amenities in the society. The project of RMRSCO (PVT) LTD has selected a key position in the city of Rawalpindi for their project, as it is lying in the proximity of the Islamabad airport and at the same time you can have a look from your balcony on a serene panoramic view of Khalsa Dam, a natural water resource. So we claim that you will spend life in a housing society which is not only well equipped with all the modern facilities, but it has much more to quench your eyes with the natural beauty for a lifetime.


Generally, Rudn enclave Islamabad provides basic residential and commercial plots along with apartments. As far as the main objective is concerned, they aim to provide residential properties at more affordable rates as they are designed specifically for the low-income group of the community, who will equally enjoy all the lavishness of the amenities in Rudn Enclave Islamabad. While the society is fully opened for booking residential and commercial Rudn Enclave plots for sale. Rudn Enclave is offering;

✅ Residential Plots
✅ High Rise
✅ Farm Houses
✅ Commercial Plots
✅ Cinemas
✅ And much more.

About Developers

Rude Enclave Islamabad is a joint venture project of a well-established Real Estate firm known as RMRSCO (PVT) LTD and well-known developers UDPL. RMRSCO has been in the business of real estate for more than ten years. For that long period, this firm remained confined to small projects. After gaining experience with their consistent hard work in this field, they have proudly launched the project of Rude Enclave Rawalpindi. The company has the best professional staff comprised of engineers, technicians, and consultants with updated machinery and equipment. There is no excuse for quality control. So this purchasing your property at such a housing society established by a well-reputed company will be an excellent chance for you to have your house in a secured area of your city.

Rude Enclave is in the hands of two experts in the field of developmental work. Their combined efforts are resulting in rapid developmental work. This project is unique as they have started booking after 25% completion of the developmental work. Moreover, to let the new residents feel more comfortable and adjusted to their new ambiance, they provide essential utility needs to the residents on urgent base.



The consultancy firm of NESPAK is one of the leading, highly ranked engineering consultancy organizations of Pakistan. This consultancy organization was established by the government of Pakistan back in 1973. Today they are fully set with a great experience that they have gained over a period of years. NESPAK is a consultant who has designed many successful mega projects. Talking about a few, they include Lahore ring road, karma Chowk flyover, Lahore metro bus system, new Islamabad airport, and many more. NESPAK disaster management and reconstruction division (DM&R) has designed Rudn enclave housing society. After NESPAK attachment with this housing society, the reliability of Rude enclave has also increased. There left no doubt to think about investing your money when you see such a professional engineering firm in collaboration.

Rudn Enclave Location

The society is located on Adiala road in Rawalpindi. Adiala road is one of the most essential connecting branches of the roads within Rawalpindi. At the same time, one part of the society is linked to Chakri road in the North. So it can be said that Rudn Enclave is an ideal location with tremendous potential of flourishing commercially soon.

The best thing about the society is that it lies in the area where the essential public facilities like gas, electricity, clear water, health and education centers are already provided by the government.

So this investing your money in a society where the developmental work has been completed 25 percent and is located in the area that is facilitated with all of the public facilities, including transportation, does not need any hesitation. Its critical position, bringing closer to the prominent localities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, via a network of roads including G.T road. Thus a wish of living in a society provided with world-class amenities, which is enveloped by two beautiful water bodies, is not a dream anymore.



Let us make the location of the Rudn enclave Islamabad even clearer for you. Following are the names of the major localities of the Rawalpindi and Islamabad, along with their approximate distance from Rudn enclave housing society.

✅ Rawalpindi Saddar is at just 20 Minutes drive via Adiala Road
✅ M2 is at just 20 Minutes drive via Chakri road
✅ Bahria Town Phase 8 is at just 10 Minutes drive via Adiala-Gorakhpur road
✅ Rawat is at 35 Minutes drive via Chakbeli road
✅ Dhamyal Air Base is at just 15 Minutes drive via Dhamyal road

Moreover, the other developmental projects, including Rawalpindi ring road (RRR) project, will pass through the exact location of Rudn Enclave Islamabad. RRR will add one more connection to the chain connecting Rudn enclave and other essential roads and hubs of the twin cities. Rawalpindi ring road will help to reduce distances of Islamabad airport and M2 from this housing society. It will help in non-stop traffic flow as the car will not be stuck in a certain bottleneck. Like;

✅ Distance between Rudn Enclave from M2 via RRR will be of merely 10 minutes
✅ Rudn Enclave to Rawat via Ring road will take 15 minutes
✅ Rudn enclave to Islamabad airport via ring road will be covered in 15 minutes


The main thing that creates beauty in the scenery of a housing society is its actual layout. In our heritage, cities like Mohenjo-Daro and Harrapa, were constructed according to a proper city plan. Rudn enclave has aslo amid to establish a well-designed plan for this society. Rudn enclave is also wholly divided into blocks that are separated from each other via intersecting streets. They have taken the help of the master planners and consultants NESPAK to create a floor plan for this housing society. As there are several blocks in Rudn Enclave, the more significant part is reserved for the residences, while some are reserved for commercial purposes.

In Rudn Enclave , among different blocks in the society, the major blocks are covering its layout. The major blocks including the future plans of the Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi are as follow;

✅ General Blocks i.e. A , C , G , and H blocks
✅ Farm Houses i.e. Block D & E
✅ Executive Block
✅ Overseas Block is in the pipeline
✅ Plenty of land is reserved for the future projects


rudn enclave h block.jpg1


As it has already been mentioned that Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi has a plan in which the whole area of the housing society is divided into blocks that are separated from each other via intersecting streets. They are named A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H blocks. Let’s discuss the block categories that are available for you.



The residential area of the Rudn enclave is comprised of the blocks A, C, F, G and H. The residential plots that come under these blocks are consisted of different range in size as they are available from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. The residential plots in these blocks are offered in ;

✅ 5-Marla
✅ 7-Marla
✅ 10-Marla
✅ 1-Kanal

The block A, C, F, G and H are also termed as the General Block, due to the reason that these are the blocks that are comprised of commercial plots along with the residential plots. In these blocks you will be having mosques, schools, sport complex, recreation centers, shopping plazas and health emergency area just a few minutes away from your house.


The commercial area is an integral part of any housing society. Rudn Enclave Islamabad is going to introduce a retail space in this housing society as well. For this, they have kept those commercial plots within the residential blocks. These commercial plots are comprised of 4 and 8 Marla in size. There are a few commercial plots that are located on the main road of the housing society. Located on the main boulevard, plots size is kept more prominent, i.e., 1 Kanal

The commercial area would include five-star hotels, big brands outlets, and Malls. Here each one either belongs to an influential class or is from a mediocre income group of the society will be equally enjoying the facilities of food courts, sports complex, well-equipped gyms, beautiful parks, water sports and unique activities like skywalk, and many more.

rudn general block commerical plot.jpg1


Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi has newly launched executive block for their valuable customers. The executive block is also connected with the main road of the housing society. The Rudn enclave executive block also has its separate commercial area. Residential plots of different sizes available in the executive block are as follow;

✅ 7-Marla
✅ 10-Marla
✅ 1-Kanal

The plots that are confined for commercial use are of 4 and 8 Marlas in size.

A unique thing about the Rude enclave Executive block is that there is a separate Gate entrance to this block located on the main road of the housing society. The main highway provided in the executive block is about 200 feet in width. The streets of the executive block are also more comprehensive than the streets of the other residential blocks. These are about 40 to 60 feet wide. Secondly, this particular block of Rude enclave is beautiful. 

It will be the only block with the greenest area of the society, besides other attractions including international hospitals, Grand Jamia mosque, high-end shopping malls, immensely well equipped and latest security system. Keeping in view these facilities of a highly luxurious lifestyle, the Rude enclave Executive block is also named ‘Model Block” by NESPAK.

All these facilities are available in one block of the Rude Enclave, the Executive block. And yes, this luxurious block is not limited to just the society’s elite. Still, even low-income groups can also avail all these beautiful amenities by constructing their houses in the same executive block of the Rude enclave. As they are offering different sizes of alliances to cater to customers according to their budget.


Rudn enclave society also offers you land for the farmhouses. What a fantastic opportunity that the owners of these farmhouses will avail by spending life in a peaceful green part of the earth, which is yet close to any necessity of life. There are lush green parts of the land reserved for designing your natural world that you are always dreaming of. Trees, flowers, birds, homegrown vegetables, fish ponds, and much more, and all that just at the bank of Khalsa Dam’s panoramic view will undoubtedly make you feel like heaven on earth. Furthermore, you will be enjoying all this purity within a security system of a 24/7 gated community.

The blocks reserved for the construction of the farmhouses in Rudn enclave Islamabad include Block D and Block E. As far as block E is concerned, it is reserved for PELPA. There are two sizes of the land for the farmhouses in these Blocks that includes;

✅ 4-Kanal
✅ 8-Kanal

2 Kanal Mini Farm housE:

rudn enclave 2 KANAL.jpg2

Rudn Enclave Booking Procedures

Anyone living in Pakistan or abroad can easily access the booking office of Rudn Enclave for booking procedures. They have made sure to keep the booking-related steps easier for their valuable customers. Following are the steps that anyone living within Pakistan can follow to proceed further for booking a plot for him. These are;

✅ You will have to visit the central booking office of Rudn enclave, located in Bahria Town, phase 7 Rawalpindi.
✅ Fill the application form with all the requirements.
✅ Attach the xerox of your NIC along with the form.
✅ Attach you two passport size photos.
✅ Here you are required to make your first down payment. For this, both cash and a cheque are acceptable.
✅ After that, submit the completed form.
✅ After this, you can get your file from the same office within 7 to 8 working days, or if you want, it will be delivered to your doorstep.

1.Contact Our Agent

For your questions or discussions call our sales agent now, we are available 24/7 to answer your queries, so feel free to reach out at any time

2.Chose Your Plot Size

Our sales agent will guide you about all the available available plot sizes and their payment plan, make your selection as per your budget

3.Booking Procedure

Once you are ready to purchase a plot, We will guide you through our 100% Safe & secure booking procedure, You can book your plot online or onsite

4.Become Owner

After booking your plot online and making all the payment, We will deliver your file at your doorstep or you can collect it from our office

Those who are living abroad, and are interested to purchase a plot in Rudn Enclave, the following are the steps that they will have to follow;

✅ First, you will have to contact us via email, WhatsApp no, or office landline number.
✅ After that, they will discuss different options.
✅ After the selection of your desired plot, deposit money for the down payment on the registered company account of Rudn Enclave .
✅ Share the receipt.
✅ Next, you will have to share a scanned copy of the application form, along with your NIC copy and passport size photos.
✅ After this, you can get your file from the same office within 7 to 8 working days, or if you want it will be delivered to your doorstep.

How To Pay Rudn Enclave Installments ?


Get your Questions Answered

The owner of Rudn Enclave housing society is RMRSCO Private limited. RMSCO is the most professional company in the field of developmental projects. Rudn Enclave is the project which they have started jointly with UDPL .UDPL is also a well-established real estate firm. Rudn Enclave has handed over the task of designing the plan of the housing society to NESPAK. NESPAK is the best engineering consultant in Pakistan. Overall Rudn Enclave will be an end product of the hard work of the best developmental organizations of Pakistan.

The owner of Rudn Enclave housing society has already applied for NOC from Rawalpindi development authority. As it is a legal thing so it takes time to process. It is expected that an NOC will be issued by Rawalpindi development authority shortly.

Yes! Rudn Enclave aims to provide such a lavish and comfortable life affordable for everyone .They have not panned the city for just the elites of the society; instead, they have also launched plots for those from the low-income group of the community. So they could equally share all the modern amenities along with the high-class member of the housing society.