Rose Valley Rawalpindi

Rose Valley Rawalpindi

Rose Valley housing society is among the most decent housing projects in Rawalpindi. The housing project named Rose Valley is located on the main Adiyala road in Rawalpindi. It is positioned where many other highly luxurious housing projects in the twin cities are flourishing. It certainly will be a focal point among the twin cities as the highly demanding Rawalpindi Ring Road will pass from the same destination. In this respect, this area has a high potential for return on investment.

Rose Valley Rawalpindi
Rose Valley Rawalpindi

Although Rose Valley Rawalpindi is relatively a newly launched housing project. Due to its location, there are many expectations regarding this project to be the top investment opportunity in Rawalpindi.

Moreover rose valley Rawalpindi is unique due to its highly luxurious amenities and facilities. Besides that, the rose valley is a housing project offering plots for sale at the most affordable rates that is an additional feature of this luxurious housing society.

The location, highly deluxe amenities and flexible payment plan have grabbed the attention of many interested investors towards this venture.

Rose Valley Rawalpindi Developers & Owners

The developers of Rose Valley Rawalpindi are among the most reliable developers in Pakistan. They gave many projects of the same kind in other cities and areas. They are well known for their specialty of delivering each of their projects at due time. Projects created by them have a solid appearance and substantial looks. That also cast the image of the faithfulness and zeal by the developers towards their work.

The Rose Valley Developers is a developmental firm that employs some best top-notch technical staff in the office, including architects, technical staff and engineers. Their fully flawless construction projects reflect a high degree of fanaticism and enthusiasm by these competent workers. It results in developing a solid image of the Rose Valley Developers in the real estate market.

Rose Valley Rawalpindi NOC

When it comes to purchasing a property, the clearance of legal statutes is of utmost importance. The same goes for the housing society. That offers you many amenities and other facilities, making certain housing projects attractive for the buyers. So it is the right of the purchaser that he must proceed to find the legal status of the housing society where he is interested in buying a plot.

The rose valley housing society Rawalpindi has also applied for their non-objection certificate. They have built up a good reputation by delivering perfect developmental projects in time. They expect to receive their NOC from the Rawalpindi development authority quite soon.

Rose Valley Rawalpindi Location

The location of your house predicts the time that it will consume to reach your required destination. That is why it is really important to find the distance of the nearby landmarks from your selected property. So you may not find it difficult to reach your required destination.

The Rose Valley Rawalpindi location is the best focal location among the twin cities. It is situated at Adyala Road near Rawalpindi. 

Rose Valley Accessibility

Let’s look at the level of accessibility of the rose valley housing society. The area where this project is located is generally the most accessible area of the city. There are many connecting networks of routes, making the accessibility to Rose Valley quite easy.

Let’s check the list below showing the proximity of the different routes from Rose Valley Rawalpindi.

  • Located next to Adyala Road Rawalpindi
  • Just 51 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
  • Just  35 min drive away from M2 Motorway
  • Just 39 min drive away from GT Road
  • Just 21 min drive away from Chakri Road
  • Just 5 min drive away from Dhamial Road
  •  Just 8 min drive away from Jarrar Camp Road
  • Just 27 min drive away from Rawat-Chakbeli Road

Rose Valley Nearby Landmarks & Places

There are several nearby landmarks & places located near Rose Valley housing scheme  Rawalpindi. Like ;

  • Adyala Road
  • Jarrar Camp
  • Chakri Road
  • M2 Motorway
  • Rudn Enclave
  • Blue World City
  • Capital Smart City
  • Nova City
  • Qurtaba City
  • Mivida City

Rose Valley Rawalpindi Master Plan

The master plan of Rose Valley Rawalpindi is a mingle of beauty and facility. The inhibitors will enjoy state-of-the-art amenities and beautiful scenery in a pristine housing society. All necessities like water, gas and electricity would be available 24/7. There will be spacious streets in each sector. The main road of the Rose Valley housing project would also be broad and carpeted.

Some of the best schools and other education centers and healthcare centers would also be part of the plan. Besides, walking tracks and parks for the amusements of the community members are also added to the rose valley master plan.

There will be residential and commercial plots of different sizes in this housing project. Moreover, rose valley housing society also offers Rose Valley Villas the best cutting-edge facilities. Their appearance will reflect highly luxurious and up to mark contemporary architecture.

Let’s check out the details of the rose valley plots for sale.

Rose Valley Residential Plots

In Rose Valley Rawalpindi the residential plots are available in the following sizes:

  • 5.5 Marla
  • 6.6 Marla

Rose Valley Commercial Plots

In Rose Valley Rawalpindi the residential plots are available in the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla

Rose Valley Villas

The Rose Valley Islamabad presents you two varieties of Villas in the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla 2-bed Single Floor, Deluxe Model
  • 5 Marla 4-bed Single Floor, Executive Model

 Rose Valley Rawalpindi Payment Plan



  Commercial plots in F block are being developed slowly due to the rocky terrain. A little more than 90% have been developed and occupied. Plot prices are lower in Sector F-1 because it is below ground level; however 60% of the construction has been completed and handed over.

Rose Valley Rawalpindi Facilities & Amenities

  This residential complex is an example of a modern, luxury residential community that comes with all of the amenities one would expect.

Rose Valley Rawalpindi provides all the modern amenities and services at an affordable rate. 

 Parks and other green spaces have been reserved for development by the developers. For this reason, a large area of the park is dedicated to the central theme park, where children and the elderly are welcome to enjoy their leisure time without being worried about anything.

 It is considered one of the most luxurious societies globally with modern luxuries, amenities, and conveniences.

Let’s check below which facilities are available in the rose Valley housing project.

ü  ECO- Friendly

Rose Valley housing society will offer an ecologically responsible, close-to-nature lifestyle with all of the modern conveniences. The proximity to nature will deliver a unique experience not available in other Pakistani housing complexes.

ü A Grand Congregational Mosque

The owners of the Rose Valley Project takes keen interest to fulfill all of the basic needs of the residents, including religious requirements. For this reason, the developers have planned a splendid grand Jamia mosque. The mosque will be created with cutting-edge technology. 

ü Water Resources 

The residents’ water needs have been considered by society. Water reservoirs will be built to store a large amount of water that residents can use for household routines. Filtration plants will be a part of society to provide the inhibitors with safe drinking water.

ü Graveyard

A cemetery is an important part of any society. Because life and death are inextricably linked, residents may choose to bury their deceased relatives and pray for their eternal life’s success. They may also pay visits to the graves of near and dear ones while living nearby.

ü Community Center

 Community centres will serve as social hubs for residents to keep them socially active. They can enjoy and take an active part in the fun gatherings there.

ü Healthcare Centers

The residential society’s health facilities have received special attention from the developers. They will add well build advanced medical centres for this purpose. The emergency room will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with personnel and doctors on call.

ü Education Centers

For an international standard of education, Rose valley organization is offering you some outclass higher education facilities in the community. Professional teaching personnel will be hired in their respective professions.

ü Business & Commercial Hub

   The resident’s economic & commercial needs are also in the notice of the developers. High-level commercial areas will be added to this society. It will contains some world’s cutting-edge and local brands of Pakistan, along with the cooperative offices. 

ü Secure Community 

The Rose valley Rawalpindi is a complete gated community with 24/7 CCTV cameras. Plus, some other surveillance gear is also provided to be fully sure about the safety of this society. These smart features make this housing project even more worth able.

Rose Valley Rawalpindi Salient Features

 Let’s go through a list below that mentions those amenities that will be included in this housing society.

  •  Beautiful entrance gate
  • Affordability
  • Grand Mosque
  • Water Resources
  • Eco-community
  • Education Complex
  • Accessibility
  • Club House
  • Retail Area
  • Modern Spa
  • 24/7 Security
  • Maintenance
  • Boundary Wall
  • Gated Community
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Underground Electrification
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • World-class infrastructure development
  • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Medical Facilities offered by Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics

Documents Required for Booking in Rose Valley Rawalpindi   

 Documents are always required for a legal process. So this anything could go smooth in the legal procedure. Similarly for the purchase of a property some important documents would also be required.

To Buy a property in Rose Valley Rawalpindi, following documentations are required  ;

  • Two passport size Pictures
  • NICOP for overseas customers
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next of Kin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  It is a time to find the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Rose Valley housing society Rawalpindi.

Q1: What is Rose Valley Rawalpindi, and how is it different from other housing societies?

Ans. Rawalpindi’s Rose Valley is being developed to offer residents affordable eco-friendly living. It was created by a team of engineers, architects, and other staff with years of experience.

Q2: Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Ans. Rose Valley in Rawalpindi comes under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi development authority. They have applied for a NOC, which will be issued soon.

Q3: Is it an affordable residential Project?

Ans. Rose Valley Rawalpindi is among the most affordable housing societies in Rawalpindi. The developers have worked hard to bring a balance between luxury and affordability with the help of easy instalment options.

 Q4: What is the location of Rose Valley in Rawalpindi?

Ans. Rose Valley housing project occupies the most focal location and is situated on Adiyal Road Rawalpindi. It is quite close to Islamabad International Airport and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. 

Q5: Who are the developers of Rose Valley Rawalpindi?

Ans. There are some renowned building companies of Pakistan, and the Rose Valley Rawalpindi builders are one of them who launched this housing project in Rawalpindi. 

Bottom Line

 Located in Rawalpindi, Rose Valley Rawalpindi is being developed with an aim to providing a luxury lifestyle of the highest order to its residents. The amenities, affordability and location of this community are its main characteristics. 

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