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So here we will introduce you to yet another fully facilitated housing project, the Nova City, located in the heart of Pakistan, our capital Islamabad. Nova city housing society Islamabad aims to provide a luxurious and calm environment for you. It is lying just at a focal location between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. To keep you closer to all important localities those are located within the twin cities. Moreover, all of the luxuries and amenities can be enjoyed by everyone as Nova City Islamabad offers the best payment plan for its customers. Those are affordable for all the income groups of the society. Nova City has so many modern amenities for an upgraded lifestyle. It is expected that this housing society will compete with all the rest of the mega housing societies lying in the twin cities.

For this reason, Nova City housing society has become an eye-catcher for interested investors. A wish to have a house in a well-designed housing society of Islamabad with a complete 24/7 gated security system is no longer a dream. You will have so much in one location around the ideal neighborhood. That’s why Nova City says that “What Matters to you, Matters the Most to Us.”


Nova city Islamabad is an extraordinary housing society which is a project of Nova City Developers. The Nova city developers are some of the best developers who have been associated with this field since 1975. A constant connection of a developmental firm with developmental projects that provide its expertise for decades needs no more introductions. Their work is their credibility. The Nova City developers are previously known for their work in education, as they successfully run the chain of Nova City Schools in Pakistan.

They kept engaged in many small and mega developmental projects, including malls, apartment buildings, and some other housing projects. Those are already in use of their satisfied customers. After providing their expertise for so many years, they have decided to lunch a mega project with the name of Nova city Housing society Islamabad. They used to say about their newly announced Nova City, “Driven by Credibility, and Delivered by Results.” Their consistent handwork and previous report of on the date completion of the projects has increased the fidelity of the developers. Investment in such a housing society will increase the potential worth of the purchased property in the future. Their proposed master plan will be the best than any other housing society which is located near the vicinity of Nova City Islamabad.  That is why the owner of Nova city housing society proudly claims, “Best on the Map – EVEN Better on the Ground.”


 As far as the legal issues related to any housing society are concerned, a non-objection certificate (NOC) is the first important thing. NOC indeed is an utmost part of a housing society. Without it, no one would purchase a property in such a housing society that the government does not legally approve. Nova City is a newly launched venture by Nova City developers, so they have applied for a NOC from a responsible authority of a government. The government has already issued PP1 Planning permission to Nova City. All of the matters concerned with NOC take a long time because of their complex nature. For this reason, NOC is not yet gained by them. Henceforth Nova City Islamabad is expecting to get a NOC quite soon.

Nova City Location Map


 Nova City Islamabad housing society will be launched in a highly fascinating point of the capital city Islamabad. One of the best parts of the Nova City housing society is that it will be merely a few kilometers from the newly constructed Islamabad airport. The Nova City housing project is geographically surrounded by three water dams Kasana Dam, Rama Dam, and Sapiala Dam. So one thing that is sure about this housing society is that it will not just enjoy the world-class amenities, but you will feel great living in a natural environment.

It’s time to find which are the closest roads located near Nova City Islamabad. Firstly you may get entered to this housing society via Rawalpindi Ring road (RRR). On the other end, which is the backside of this scheme, there is an available CPEC ring road interchange. It is another alternative road for getting access to Nova city. Bongo Kanial Road also is another direct road access to this housing society. Its position has also made more accessible access to the Lahore-Islamabad motorway, which is not far from it. So a new city is going to develop just next to the twin cities.


 As we have just mentioned, Nova city will be a new, desirable housing society in Islamabad because of its prime location. Nova City housing project is near the new Islamabad Airport, and you can reach Islamabad in only 26 minutes. Similarly, the distance of Nova city from Rawalpindi will merely be of 31 minutes. That means all virtual offices, Malls, restaurants, and universities will be just a few kilometers from the Nova City Islamabad location. Nova City-Fateh Jang distance is of mere 45 minutes.

Following will be the nearest important localities near Nova City Islamabad;

✅ Blue World City

✅ Top City 1

✅ Capital Smart City

✅ Eco Housing

✅ ASF Flats

✅ Expo Center 

✅ Aerotropolis

✅ Fateh Jhang

✅ Taxila

✅ Wah Cantt

✅ Attock

✅ Kanial Village

✅ Bongo Village

✅ Mumtaz City




Two gates will be available for the direct exit from the housing society in front of the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is quite an excellent location. Anyone who has a house in Nova City Islamabad will have no issues regarding distance. As all the other essential and newly developing housing societies are also laying near it, you will have clear, smooth, and quick access to the older part of Rawalpindi and Islamabad city.


 Furthermore, Nova City Islamabad location is also ideal as there is a network of connecting roads all around it, making access to your desired destination more accessible and faster. Those crucial roads and routes have raised the value of the property in this location. A housing society with the feature of connection with many other routes of the nearest important localities is a plus point. Let’s see which are those essential routes that are lying just near to the Nova city location?  These are;

✅ The Nova City Islamabad location is extremely close to the CPEC route

✅ The CPEC ring road Interchange is just next to CPEC-RING ROAD interchange

✅ Ring Road –Airport Interchange is also at a distance of few kilometers

✅ Nova City Islamabad location is just attached from one side to the Rawalpindi Ring road

✅ Nova City Islamabad location is available at a distance of just 3 minutes from Kanal

✅ It will take just 25 minutes to a car to reach Motorway 2 (M2)

✅ It will take just 9 minutes from Nova City to reach another nearest vicinity Dhok Korak

✅ Nova City Islamabad location is just 8 minutes away from N-80 Attock and Qutbal

✅ The New Islamabad Airport is just 21 minutes away

✅ Rawalpindi is lying at a distance of 31 minutes

✅ The capital city Islamabad is just 26 minutes away

Nova City Islamabad location is a key location, as many other developmental projects for the future have already been launched in its vicinity. That is why this housing society will connect in the future with many other nearest amenities available in closest housing societies.

Means Nova City Islamabad location is quite easily accessible for you via GT road, Motorway, and Ring road.


After a general discussion, it’s time to find about the Nova city Islamabad Map. First of all, let us tell you that the Nova City housing project is newly launched. It is at a stage that we can call it a zygote project. It is at its earliest developmental stages or prelaunch stage. After the announcement of this housing project, all the details of its related features were also announced, along with the current legal status. As far as the Nova City master plan is concerned, the authority has not disclosed any details yet.  This means the Nova city master plan is under the hands of the experts and is gradually crossing all the stages of the improvements. Once the Nova City master plan gets its finalized shape, it will soon be available for the public.

According to the property insights, one thing that is already cleared is that the Nova city master plan would have land divided into larger blocks via intersecting streets and main roads of the housing society. These blocks will be containing residential plots of different sizes along with the plots reserved for commercial purposes. The residential plots they will be offering are of;

✅ 5 Marla (125 Square Yards)

✅ 10 Marla (250 Square Yards)

✅ 1 Kanal    (500 Square Yards )

✅ 2 Kanal     (1000 Square Yards)

Besides the residential and commercial plots, there is a land or plots which are reserved for the public facilities like hospitals, parks, schools, institutes, offices, game courts, zoo, walking and jogging tracks and much more.


Natural Beauty

 Like any other housing society, Nova City Islamabad also offers the best of the best amenities and a purely natural environment for the residents. Nova city location is quite close to the dams, a natural abode of the different creatures. The natural beauty and serenity are the two more attractive aspects of the Nova city Islamabad. Besides, talking about the Nova city master plan, they offer the best affordable residential plots for the customers. All this will be available in a complete advanced gated community with a 24/7 security system. Any citizen of Pakistan, even those from the mediocre income group of the society, can have his house in the prime location near the twin cities. The Nova city proudly claims the promising future of the residents of this housing society. As they say, “There is a Life and then there is The NOVA Life.”

Besides the three water bodies Sapiala Dam, Rama Dam, and Kasana Dam, with their natural ecosystem in this location, there are some other places near Nova city Islamabad to enjoy nature. The beautiful Kheri Moorat National Park, which lies on 8740 acres, is just a few km away from Nova City housing society Islamabad. These are the natural sceneries lying outside Nova City, but the housing society features its own best parks for the residents inside the housing society. The landscape of these parks will have no parallel to any other housing society of Islamabad.  Green belts along with trees will also be available to provide a cooling effect to your eyes. In addition to this, there will be separate lawns and parks in each residential block, specially designed for the families to spend their leisure time. That’s why Nova City developers proudly have announced, “Made to Relax, Perfected to enjoy.”

Revenue Generator

 Taking about the Nova city Islamabad location, map, routes, world-class amenities, and abundance of mega housing schemes around Nova city, it is expected to raise the worth of the property in this location in the future. This gated housing society with fully developed amenities and other public facilities aims to provide a secure and promising future to the investors, as their investment will ultimately become a long-term revenue generator.

Ideal Packages

Nova City Islamabad is offering the best packages of affordable plots for all the income groups of the society. Being quite flexible, you can never lose this golden opportunity of investing in a housing society that is a hub of considerable future developments.

Trusted Developers

Nova City housing society Islamabad is the project of Nova city developers who have earned a name in construction and development since 1975. Their previous successful projects are enough to show their mission of providing safe and comfortable residences to their customers. Hence purchasing property in Nova City Islamabad is the safest investment indeed.


Let’s have a sneak peek of those features and facilities which Nova City Islamabad is offering to you.


Nova city has added a beautiful and gigantic amphitheater in this housing society. This amenity is probably not included in any other closely located housing society. So be prepared to attend all the major events happening in Islamabad in the future, as this amphitheater will have the most significant space to accommodate a massive crowd.

Badminton Court

 One more attractive amenity in Nova city housing society is a high-tech Badminton Court for the professionals and novice. This is another feature that is absent in other nearby housing societies. All the sports lovers, either male or female, can avail this opportunity.

Basketball Court

A separate space is reserved for the construction of a basketball court. It will have a beautiful contemporary design.

Birds Aviary

 Bird’s aviary is another attractive amenity of the Nova City housing project. They have planned the bird aviary along with walking tracks. So the visitors would enjoy this unique area, which would have an abundance of greenery and a variety of birds.

Bowling Alley

A new contemporary bowling alley is also added to the plan of the Nova City Housing society Islamabad. The residents of other nearby societies would not have this facility.


Main Road

After coming out of your street, you will connect with the main boulevard of society, which connects all of the intersecting streets. This boulevard provides a beautiful clear view of the surroundings.

Internet Facility

Yes! Another feature that makes Nova City up to the mark is the availability of internet facilities via a network of optic fiber. So all the residents can avail this opportunity just as they will be enjoying a constant supply of gas, water, and electricity.

Cricket Nets

If you are fond of cricket, then good news for you is this that the Nova City is going to provide cricket nets for all the ages and genders living in the society.


 The Nova city housing project also offers world-class gyms for the residents. There will be all the machinery along with the certified instructor for you under one roof.


 One unbeatable feature of Nova City Islamabad is its underground electricity connection. There will be no hazard of hanging electricity wires as we see ordinarily in other localities so that the residents will enjoy this utility more safely.

Sewerage System

There will be an underground sewerage system in Nova City, Islamabad. This is the first and the most crucial thing which should be appropriately planned. That is why the authority of Nova City has designed the sewerage system to be sure of its proper wastage.

Grand Mosque

A mosque with a vast space for the congregation is also in the pipeline. The residents would not only be able to offer the prayers but all of the religious events can also be performed in the mosque whole year-round

Food Street

A food street will also be a part of the Nova City. You can enjoy all of the desi and continental food there and can also take your guests along with you for entertainment.

Garbage Management Department

There will be a well-established waste management system that proficient officers will run. The task of the garbage management system will be to keep society neat and clean by providing day-night waste management services.

Skating Ring

A separate court for skating will also be created. This is another unique amenity of the Nova city.

Schools and Hospitals

For the residents of Nova City, the schools run by Nova City will be available. Besides, fully facilitated hospitals will also be a part of this housing society.

Grid Station

 One more fantastic luxury that the resident will enjoy is the availability of a separate Grid station in each block. This facility will help to provide uninterrupted electricity to a limited number of houses.

Besides all these fantastic amenities, open gyms, kids’ fun zone, walking and jogging tracks, street lights, graveyards, paved roads, zoo, multiple family picnic spots, snooker, and billiard rooms, and many other entertainments will also be included.


As the Nova City, Islamabad is a newly launched housing society. That is the reason that the payment plan of the plots is temporarily on its pre-launching rates. Let’s look at the rates they are offering for the different variety of plots


 Following are the terms and conditions on which anyone can book the plot at Nova City Islamabad.

✅ The Nova city housing society is at its pre-launch stage. So the prices that are mentioned above are just for a limited time.


✅ The authority has the right to bring any change in the prices at any time without any prior notice.

✅ Installments on the 10th of each month are due.

✅ These pre-launch prices are exclusive of development charges.

✅ For confirmation of a plot, 10% of charges are required to be paid within 45 days of booking.




Nova City housing society is a project of Nova City Developers. The Nova city developers are some of the best developers who have been associated with this field since 1975. The Nova City developers are previously known for their work in education, as they successfully run the chain of Nova City Schools in Pakistan.

Nova City is a newly launched venture by Nova City developers, so they have applied for a NOC from a responsible authority of a government. The government has already issued PP1 Planning permission to Nova City. They are expecting to get NOC in a short time.

As mentioned earlier that Nova City Developers are the owners and developers of this housing society.  They are one of the most reputed developers of Pakistan.

Yes the developmental work in Nova City Islamabad is at the full swing. They are completing the work without any delay.

The Nova city developers are offering residential and commercial plots at the most affordable and reasonable rates. They are offering most flexible installment plans , which are affordable for the middle income group as well.


The price plan of Nova City housing society is immensely customer-friendly. Living among so many world-class amenities in a promising revenue-generating area that is also affordable according to your budget may feel like a dream. Nova City Islamabad is offering a deluxe life within the matrix of their housing society. Their message to their customers is “Magnify your Lifestyle, and Multiply your Returns.”