New City Paradise

New City Paradise is a project in its completion process in the proximity of the Capital and Rawalpindi. The project aims to provide the best services to you at the most reasonable prices. The owners of the project have the great success of New City Wah on their backs. Having the distinguishing traits of ideal location, affordable installments, perfect development, and customer services, New City Paradise stands out as the best choice for you to invest in.

New City Paradise Developers And Owners

New city paradise is developed by the developers of New City Wah. Chairman Chaudhary Qamar zaman and Chaudhary Saad zaman is the chief executive of this whole project and own a new city paradise.

Location of New City Paradise

The project is situated at the M1 motorway, CPEC route, adjacent to Burhan Interchange, The city of Wah, Rawalpindi District. Its equally feasible from twin cities that gives it an edge over other real estate projects.

The Demand For New City Paradise

The demand for new city paradise is highly increasing due to the updated luxurious living standards with all basic necessities. It is developed precisely according to the basic and luxury needs of residents by professional developers. A high check and balance is maintained during all processes of construction.

New City Paradise NOC

The NOC (no objection certificate) of the new city paradise is approved by PHATANew city paradise NOC approved and Registration number. It is registered under DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022

Already Approved NOC

As mentioned above the new city paradise housing society is comprised on 20,000 Kanal out of which 4256 Kanal is already approved. The management is working relentlessly to get hands-on other relevant NOCs from competent authorities.

New city paradise is accessible in the following ways

• Located at GT Road• Approximately 10 min drive away from New City Wah
• Approximately 2 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
• Approximately 22 min drive away from Quaid Avenue
• Approximately 25 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
• Approximately 10 min drive away from Hazara Motorway
• Approximately 0 min drive away from Burhan Interchange
• Approximately 26 min drive away from Jhang Bahtar Road
• Approximately 36 min drive away from Thalian Interchange
• Approximately 20 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
• Approximately 15 min drive away from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange
• Approximately 18 min drive away from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange

New city paradise nearby landmark and places

New City Paradise is surrounded by several nearby landmarks & places

• New City Wah

• Islamabad

• Rawalpindi

• Kamra City

• Wah City

• Taxila City

• Wah Cantt

• POF Golf Club

• Hassan Abdal

• Wah Gardens

• M-1 Motorway

• M-2 Motorway

• New City Arcade

• Wah Model Town

• Burhan Interchange

• UET University Wah

• HITECH University Taxila

• Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF), Wah

New city paradise master plan

The master plan of the new city paradise is designed by a highly qualified team of architects, engineers, and town planners with the expertise of many years. New city paradise is comprised of 20,000 Kanal out of which 4256 Kanal has been approved by PHATA. This wholesome project includes all the luxuries and world-class amenities for valuable customers.

New city paradise plots size

New city paradise deals with different sizes of residential plots such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots.

New City Paradise 3.5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

The New City Paradise Islamabad 3.5 Marla Plot is for sale with easy installment plans at the most affordable price rates. The payment plan for NCP 3.5 Marla Plot is as follows

• The total price of the 3.5 Marla Plot in New City Paradise is Rs. 1,295,000

• The booking amount is nearly Rs. 150,000

• Furthermore, the confirmation charges are Rs. 150,000

• For 36 Monthly installments, the total amount you have to pay is Rs. 13,750

• For 4 Half-yearly Balloon payments, the whole amount is around Rs. 50,000

• The balloting payment is Rs. 150,000

• Also, the allotment Price of this residential plot is Rs. 150,000 

New city paradise 5 Marla plot

• The total price of 5 Marla plots is Rs. 1,975,000 • The booking price of the 5 Marla plot is Rs. 230,000 • The confirmation amount for the 5 Marla plot is Rs. 230,000 • 36 monthly installments are offered at Rs. 21,500 each • 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 5 Marla plots are offered at Rs. 75,250 each • Balloting payment for the 5 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 220,000 • The allotment price of 5 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 220,000

New city paradise 10 Marla plot

• The total price for 10 Marla plots is Rs. 3,700,000

• The booking of 10 Marla plots is Rs. 443,750

• The confirmation amount for 10 Marla plots is offered at Rs. 443,750

• 36 monthly installments for 10 Marla plots are Rs. 41,000 each

• 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 10 Marla plots are offered at Rs. 134,125 each

• Balloting payment for the 10 Marla plot is offered at Rs. 400,000

• The allotment price for 10 Marla plots is offered at Rs. 400,000

New city paradise 1 Kanal

• The total price for 1 Kanal plot is Rs. 7,000,000

• The booking for 1 Kanal plot is Rs. 843,750

• The confirmation amount of 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs. 843,750

• 36 monthly installments for 1 Kanal plot are offered at Rs. 78,125 each

• 4 half-yearly balloon payments for 1 Kanal plot are offered at Rs. 350,000 each

• Balloting payment for 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs. 550,000

• The allotment price for 1 Kanal plot is offered at Rs.550,000