Nest City Islamabad

Nest City Islamabad

A housing project that is going under discussion here today is just for you if you are looking to find a peaceful location that is quite close to the Islamabad as well. Yes ! We are talking about the new hosing venture that is named Nest City Islamabad. This housing project is a part of the district Taxila as it is located at the fringe of Taxila region. Taxila is already a world fame historic tourist destination. Then this housing project will also be located near another important city the Wah Cantt. In this sense, this is the best and ideal location for those who are seeking a suitable and decent location for their house among these three important cities of Taxila, Wah Cantt and Islamabad. The Nest city Islamabad would not be lesser in any regards, than other housing projects of the twin cities. Plus the location, which is selected for it is the most tranquil and peaceful.

Nest City Islamabad
Nest City Islamabad

Nest City Project Overview

This peaceful housing project of Nest City Islamabad is located precisely among the Wah Cantt, Taxila and Islamabad. Wah Cantt is already a famous city, being close to GT road and also Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This city has known for its beauty and neat clean maintained infrastructure. It is seen that mostly the family with army background, also prefer to settle in Wah Cantt, due to the reason that it is not only lying close to the capital city of Pakistan, but it is also a great place to live being peaceful.

The owners of Nest City Project , has selected a most beautiful and naturally preserved part of the land among these cities to develop this housing project. The total area of this housing project is selected to be designed in the master plan, in such a way that there should not be any flaw. All of the nessassary building would be located, close to each sector like health care centers, educational institutes and mosque etc. As such the nest city Islamabad master plan is the most precise and well developed plan. So far, among the whole area of this housing project, just 3000 acres is reserved for the residential use only. On the rest of the land, mostly the infrastructure containing the world class amenities would be built.

Talking about the amenities, this housing project is going to offer its residents, the world’s best amenities. These amenities would be in reach of all of the inhibitors of the Nest City Islamabad, lie there would be educational institutes lie agricultural universities, medical colleges and engineering colleges. Plus there will be other universities, schools and colleges including a joint force cadet college. When we amplify the name of this hosuing project “Nest”, it is becomes National Engineering Science and Technology City Islamabad. The name of this housing projects indicates that why the owners are highly keen in launching so many educational institutes within this scheme.

They developers of nest city Islamabad are much interested in the providence of an excellent health care facilities to their customers, for this sake they have a plan of constructing a first-rate and well equipped hospital, where the emergency staff will be available 24/7 to cope in case of any emergency.

Moreover beside this all, a sufficient land is kept reserved for developing lush green belts and parks for the residents. These would be easily accessible from any of the sectors. Even while driving a car, you would enjoy a beautiful drive, as there will be sufficient and well maintained green belts, which will be casting a healthy and mesmerizing impact on you.

Keeping in view the health requirements of the people, the developers of the Nest City Islamabad have added in the master plan of this housing project the necessities like playgrounds, swimming pools and multiple playing courts as well.

Nest City Islamabad Location


The development is located at a prime location near the capital on Brahma Bahtar Interchange, M1 in Wah Taxila, giving residents a perfect balance between the bustling city life and serenity of the mountains.

Besides being close to nature, the residents will also be able to live a wholesome and luxurious life.The city’s road network is well connected to it. The Nest City Islamabad is located right on the Islamabad-Peshawar motorway and your guests will also have no trouble finding it.

So in this sense , those who frequently visit in the cities like Peshawar and Islamabad or Rawalpindi , can avail this chance to invest in this housing project . As like this they would be able to travel in both the directions easily.

NEST City Islamabad Legal Position

When it comes to purchase a property in a certain housing project, a non objection certificate is generally the first and the most important thing. All of the other vital steps that are required to buy a property come after that. Because the reason behind it is that, no other step can be taken by any newly launched housing authority, if it has not received its NOC from the government body under which it lies.

Well , a good news for the interested investors is this that , the owners of the Nest City Islamabad have passed all of the legal steps that were required before the launch of this housing project. All of the legal authorities have passed and provided clearance to this housing society.

So the Nest City Islamabad is a legal housing project, that has received its NOC from the following authorities;

  • SECP
  •  PTA
  •  ICCI and
  •  FBR

Following are the registration numbers allotted to this housing society;

  • Government of Pakistan Registration number RF/ICT/21069-2016
  • SECP Inc.No.0099346,
  • Add. DC Order No.414ADCR-20/01/2021
  • PTA Lic. No.W-6-28
  • ICCI Reg.No.CM-2540
  • FBR STR No.327786138320
  • NTN 7263586-1,PEC Reg.No.445)

Nest City Islamabad Nearest Landmarks and Routes

The nest City Islamabad is a housing project which is located precisely at the most central location at Brahma Bahtar Interchange, M-1 among the cities like Islamabad and Wah Cantt and Taxila. You will genuinely be a part of a so pure and clean natural atmosphere, and at the same time all of the important landmarks are also lying closer to the location of the Nest City Islamabad. That is why this housing project reviews are getting better rates day by day.

Let’s find out about the important networks of routes and landmarks lying close to the Nest City Islamabad.

Important Routes

  • Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M1
  • M-15
  • National Highway N35
  • National Highway N80
  • National Highway N5
  • Wah Link Road
  • Taxila Road
  • Jhang- Bhatar Road
  • Brahma-Jhang Bhatar Interchange
  • Brahma-Jhang Bhatar Toll Plaza

Important Landmarks

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Wah Cantt
  • Taxila City
  • Brahma
  • Wah General Hospital
  • Wah Gardens
  • Kohistan Enclave
  • HITEC Taxila University
  • Taxila Museum
  • Multi Gardens B-17
  • City Business Icon 3
  • New City Arcade
  • Aqua Fun Resort
  • Pind Bahadar Khan
  • Lawrencepure
  • Hassan Abdal
  • Khanpur Lake


NEST City Islamabad Master Plan

 A housing society’s master plan is one of the main building blocks of construction and development. Master plans cover all the essential aspects of a society. The master plan of the NEST city Islamabad is striking as . Because they have created the Nest City Master Plan according to the global infrastructure principles.

In this housing project the entire are reserved for the residential and commercial plots is divided in blocks, via intersecting wide streets. While rest of the area, is reserved for the major amenities and parks.

For both commercial and residential purposes they are offering you nest City Plot for sale in the   size of  5,7,10,12 and 18 marla.

Why Invest In Nest City Islamabad?

In the world of housing, a registered housing society is a way to go. The best of being legal is this that, there are no disputes between the individual owners of the houses about the upkeep of the housing society or development of its environs.

Talking about the luxurious amenities, then in Nest City Islamabad, a wide range of amenities is being provided by the developers. The complex offers all the basic and modern amenities, such as electricity, water, and gas supply, as well as a mini-golf course, a riding club, and even beautiful lakes within the property.

  Additionally, it offers the residents a wide variety of shopping opportunities and educational opportunities within their reach. That is not only approachable for the residents of this housing schemes, but the people from other neighborhood may also avail this opportunity.

 The plus point of this housing project is its location, as it is just a short drive from all the major attractions, which are easily accessible by way of the motorway.

The master plan of this housing project is created in a way that the infrastructure must not damage the natural beauty of this habitat. So this is the place right for those who want a secure and updated future of their off springs.

Nest City Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

The Nest City housing Society is offering to the residents of this housing project , many cutting –edge amenities. Let’s have a look at the list of those amenities which will be part of this housing project.

  • Huge gated community
  • CCTV surveillance and security 24/7
  • Grand Mosque
  • Wide and carpeted roads
  • Natural Preserve Envoirment
  • Jungle Safari Riding Club
  • Water & Theme Park
  • Reserve of Water Resources
  • Mini Golf Business
  • High Class Commercial Areas
  • Medical  and Healthcare centre
  • Gas stations
  • Two Beautiful Lakes
  • Community Center for Education
  • Colleges, universities and schools
  • Riding Club
  • Street Lights
  • Graveyard
  • Basic services (electricity, gas, water, and sewerage) are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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