Today On 3 November 2021, at the site of Rudn Enclave housing society Islamabad, the groundbreaking ceremony of a magnificent mosque took place. Laying the foundation of a congregational mosque, marks beginning of a housing society as per Islamic tradition. So a beautifully designed and elegantly planned Jamia Mosque is going to be the first structure built in this housing society. 

This event was organized by the Rudn Enclave management. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the clients, sales partners, Rudn Enclave developers and interested purchasers.

Mr. Noor-ull- Hassan was hosting this event, which started at 1:30 pm today on 3rd November 2021. Many important personalities were present for the groundbreaking ceremony at Rudn Enclave.

Major General Zafar-Ullah-Khattak, the Head of Operations, Rudn Enclave , briefed the clients and sales partners about the upcoming developments of Rudn Enclave Islamabad. While addressing the audience at this groundbreaking ceremony of Jamia mosque, Major General Zafar-Ullah-Khattak said that;

“We are here at the groundbreaking ceremony of a jamia mosque at Rudn Enclave housing society. We are aiming to build a mosque that will be highly engrossing, that people would love to offer prayer in its serene and beautiful ambiance.”

 You will invest not just to get benefits of the luxurious life, but actually, you are going to join our vision, which is to build a housing society where youth can avail world-class education. A type of educational hub, which will not only facilitate the residents of Rudn Enclave , but also to those living in the vicinity of this housing society can avail this opportunity.

 We are dealing with some of the top-ranked universities of Pakistan in this regard, and I am so happy to announce that a top ranked university is ready to open its campus at Rudn Enclave Islamabad. The name of the university will be announced shortly.

Secondly, we are interested in providing the world class health care centers to our residents. That is why next to the education sector, we are focusing more on the health sector. In this reference, we have plans to provide you the hospitals which have all the best world-class machines and equipment along with the best-hired staff including doctors.

It’s our yearn to complete all of the essential amenities before the fully occupation of the housing society. As such all the residents would be able to avail all of the vital utilities any time without any delay. When it will happen, we would take it as the fulfillment of our vision.

We need your prayers, that Almighty Allah may shower his blessings upon us, so we could complete all of the tasks without any hindrance.

Thank you.

Rudn Enclave Jamia Mosque Ground Breaking Ceremony November 3, 2021 Event Highlights:

This event is of great worth for the owners and developers indeed, as laying the foundation of a Jamia Mosque before the beginning of developmental work will provide a sense of a good omen to the residents and investors.

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