Lake Vista Rawalpindi

Lake Vista is the name of yet another highly luxurious housing project, located in the prime location among the twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The Lake Vista Rawalpindi is a newly emerging housing project that is gaining popularity among those seeking the most comfortable, approachable, luxurious and yet economical housing project in the twin cities. Lake Vista Rawalpindi is a housing project offering you the nicest habitat in a well maintained, neat and clean environment. Plus all of the cutting–edge amenities would be available to you on the most affordable and accessible installment plans. This housing project is a venture of The Professional Builders and Developers Pvt.Ltd, who are not new in this field. They have provided many  successful building projects of a same nature in different cities of Pakistan.


Lake Vista Rawalpindi is situated in a key location between the twin cities, on the main Adiyala Road. It is the region that has promising economic growth potential. Various networks of roads provide access to this housing project efficiently. That is how this housing project, with its closeness to the Islamabad International Airport, is rating higher day by day.

The plus point of the Lake Vista Rawalpindi housing society is that it is a legal housing project. There would be no doubt about investing in the Lake Vista Rawalpindi, as the legal position is clear, and the Lake Vista plots for sale are also open to the general public.

 Having in reach such a wonderful housing project in Islamabad, which is run by the highly reliable developers of Pakistan, is just like a gift for you. The plus points of Lake Vista Rawalpindi are that this is a legally approved housing project in Rawalpindi. Moreover, they are offering all of the essential amenities, including playgrounds, mosques, free- wifi, 24/7 security, commercial centers and much more, and all this would be available within a secured gated community.

What else do you want? The Lake Vista Rawalpindi is a complete package for you to spend your life safely with a promising future.

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Owners And Developers

  The newly launched housing project the Lake Vista Islamabad is a proud venture of the Professional Builders and Developers Private Limited. The PBD Pvt. Ltd is one of the best developers and builders in Pakistan, who have remained engaged with the residential projects across Pakistan. Their previous construction works are the image of their reliability. From the perception of an idea to completing the work, they meet all of the steps diligently. That is why their building work is considered one of the most substantial works in Pakistan.


Numerous housing projects are taking place in the twin cities and their vicinity. When the real estate business is on the hype, the government authorities concerned with issuing no-objection certificates have tough decisions. It is the right of any Pakistani citizen to run or launch his housing project anywhere in Pakistan. But each matter requires a legal procedure. Without the completion and grant, no one can start any venture, which will be considered illegal. The same is the case with the housing societies as well. Any housing society that will develop within the premises of the Pakistan boundary would have to take permission from the government authority under which it lies.

Lake Vista NOC Status
Lake Vista NOC Status

If you are interested in Lake Vista Rawalpindi, let us inform you that the developers applied for their non-objection certificate from Rawalpindi Development Authority after announcing this housing project. As being located on the main Adiyala Road, this housing project lies under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi development authority. The good news is for the interested investors that the Lake Vista Rawalpindi is has received its non-objection certificate from the Rawalpindi development authority. Plus, all of the credentials required to get the clearance have also been received from the concerned authorities.

So this Lake Vista Rawalpindi is a legal housing project, which is all ready for supplying the Lake Vista plot for sale to the customers. That can be booked from the Lake Vista 

booking office.

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Location and Nearby Landmarks and Routes

  Watching Lake Vista Rawalpindi location map, we come to know that this newly launched housing project is located on the main Adiyala Road in Rawalpindi. Just next to the Gulshanabad colony. This location is already of more outstanding value because of the famous Rawalpindi Ring Road Project. This route is of immense importance, as it will bring much prosperity to this housing society and the entire region.

Lake Vista Location
Lake Vista Location

The property lying near this area has already risen in worth. Putting your investment in such a housing project, which is located near such a vital route of the city, undoubtedly is a wisest decision. Moreover, they are also providing some best amenities to the inhibitors of this housing project, which is why this is a fantastic opportunity.

From this location, you would be able to reach out to all the essential landmarks of the twin cities like the hospitals, educational institutes, social and commercial hubs and even transportation.

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Nearby Routes

Let’s look at the list of those critical routes that are creating a network and thus making this location accessible.

  • Dhamiyal-Adiyala Road
  • Adiyala Road
  • Dhamiyal Road
  • Chakri Road
  • Adiyala-Rawat Road
  • Tulsa Road
  • MR2 Road

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Nearby Landmarks

Now it is a time to have a look at those important landmaks which are lying close to Lake Vista Rawalpindi.

  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Adiyala
  • Dhoke Karam Bakhsh
  • Misriot
  • Dhoke Natya
  • Gorakhpur
  • Ranial
  • Lar
  • Pind Dadu
  • Village Banda Nagyal
  • Kalyal Sharif
  • Kharakkan
  • Dhagal
  • Shahpur
  • Dhok Pahariyan
  • Gulshan Iqbal
  • Sabir Town khayal Road
  • CBR Colony
  • Rudn Enclave Housing
  • Kashmir Housing Scheme
  • Garden Villas
  • Bajour Villas
  • ARL Colony
  • Army Officers Colony
  • National Colony
  • Radio Colony
  • Gulshan-e Shamal
  • Gulshan Iqbal Colony
  • Samar Housing Society
  • Tarbela Colony
  • Lalazar Welfare Trust
  • New Rose Heat Academy
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Board of Intermediate And Secondary Education
  • Silver Oaks School
  • Government Girls High School Kalyal
  • Spogmay Lake

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Master Plan

 The Lake Vista Rawalpindi master plan is expected to be the same as most of the other housing societies of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have. There are broad wide streets in the residential sector of PECHS. In the Lake Vista Rawalpindi location map, there will be an inclusion of the commercial plots as well. Besides, separate land for the amenities would also be reserved, including a mosque, parks, hospitals, retail centers, walking tracks, green belts, etc.

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Payment Plan

At this newly launched housing society, the Lake Vista plots for sale are available in two categories;


In this housing project, they offer Lake Vista plots for sale in the residential sector in the following sizes;

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


  In PECHS Islamabad, the owner offer Lake Vista plots for sale in the commercial sector in following size;

  • 3 Marla Commercial Plot

The Lake Vista plots in both commercial and residential sectors are available for you, which you may book by visiting their head office. A flexible payment plan of two years or 36 monthly instalments is available.

 They make a booking of the plot on the 10 percent advance payment, while a property is confirmed after a further 10 percent of the amount submission.

Let’s look at the details of the payment plan for this housing project.

Lake Vista Rawalpindi  Residential Plots Payment Plan

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Commercial Plots Payment Plan

  • The Lake Vista Rawalpindi owners are offering 10% discount to those who pay 100% full payment.
  • A 5 percent discount is available for those who will make 50 percent advance payment.
  • Special plots like corner, park facing and main boulevard plots will be charged with additional 10 percent amount.

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Booking Office

  Suppose you are interested in purchasing a property or want to talk to the representation of the Lake Vista Rawalpindi. You may visit their office, situated on the 1st floor, Avalon Plaza, near Rawalpindi’s cantonment office.

Lake Vista Rawalpindi Facilities and Amenities

It is a time to check out the salient features of the Lake Vista Rawalpindi location map, which make this housing project special.

Gated Community

This housing society is developing within a matrix of a well-planned boundary wall. It not only defines the boundaries of this housing project but it also provides  a sense of safety. 

Beautiful Green Surroundings

In the Lake Vista Rawalpindi master plan all of the infrastructures are placed ideally along with the open spaces, that are reserved for the green belts. The availability of green surroundings near the house has excellent health impacts.

Large Playground

 The importance of physical activities cannot be ignored. The authority has kept a separate large playground in the Community Lake Vista Rawalpindi location map. That will full fill the need for physical sports of the people living in this society.


The developers plan to construct a beautiful mosque in Lake Vista Rawalpindi. That will be so elegant, that it will be reflecting the prestige of Islam via its pleasing and eye catching architecture.

Peaceful and Serene Ambiance

 Within this community, there will be a healthy and peaceful environment. With its serene ambience, this society will leave an impact on the mind of each one who will visit this housing community. 

Underground Electric System 

One best part of this housing project is an underground electric supply system. That will help create a neat and clear view of the surroundings, due to the absence of the hanging electric cables. 

Commercial Centers

The developers will create cutting-edge commercial hubs for the community within and those living nearby this housing project. Within PECHS Islamabad there will be all of those facilities , that are available in your nearest downtown. 

Family Clubs And Community Centers

For keeping the inhibitors of the Lake Vista Rawalpindi closer to each other and let them feel at home, Family clubs and community centers will also be added in this society.

Uninterrupted Supply Of The Basic Utilities

Unlike other ordinary localities and neighborhoods, those living in this society will get uninterrupted water, gas, and electricity. 

Free- Wifi

Keeping in view the intelligent ways of living, the developers have announced the providence of free-Wife for the entire community of Lake Vista Rawalpindi. 

24/7 Security Surveillance 

To ensure the perfect safety of the inhibitors of this housing society, the authority has created a gated community, which has a Security Surveillance system. That will remain on high alert 24/7.

Guidelines About Purchase Of A Property In Lake Vista Rawalpindi 

 Following are some points that are essential before purchasing any property in Lake Vista Rawalpindi; 

  • Check the non-objection certification of this housing project. If it is has received its approval, then go-ahead with the next step.
  • Make verification of the documents from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. 
  • Take the guidance of a good and trustworthy real estate firm to proceed further.
  • Keep an eye on whether the funds match up with the payment plan or not.
  • Do not forget to check that vital facilities like gas, electricity, and water would be available nonstop without any outages. 
  • A complete inspection of the infrastructure lies in the housing society is also essential.
  • Make a comprehensive assessment of the location, in whether Lake Vista Rawalpindi lies close to the critical landmarks or not.
  • The security system is also necessary, which should not be ignored.

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