Islamabad Golf City

Islamabad Golf City

Are you looking for a delightful place to build a house in Islamabad? Well, there you are! Let us introduce you to Islamabad’s most appealing and high-end housing project, the Islamabad Golf City, which has grabbed the attention of the best investment opportunity seekers since its launch. As the owners have announced many cutting–edge amenities, which they are going to offer you in this housing project, that is located at the prime location of the Thalian interchange , thus making your approach to the rest of the critical landmarks easier.

Islamabad Golf City
Islamabad Golf City

Islamabad Golf City Project Overview

Islamabad Golf City is a newly emerging housing project of the twin cities. This housing project has a master plan, very well developed. There will be many facilities for the inhabitors to avail. These luxuries would be available in a complete 24/7 gated community, where the security system can be controlled via intelligent cell phones. That is an exceptional feature of this housing project, which you will rarely find in any other housing project in Pakistan.

These high-end amenities and facilities, along with such a modern security system, is a golden chance that should not be missed.

Moreover, Islamabad Golf City is also quite near to the Islamabad airport. That is how this region has the potential of becoming a significant economic zone in the future. That will alternately raise the worth of the Islamabad Golf City plots for sale. 

Islamabad Golf City is a project of joint companies run by Mr. Muhammad Usman Khan. The owners aim to provide residential and commercial plots in the most precisely created master plan. The developers have focused on maintaining a high-tech infrastructure in this venture. But at the same time, they know how much it is necessary for humans to live close to nature. Here in this society, natural beauty is accompanied by the infrastructure so that one would not feel bound in the structural world. Instead, green belts and parks would be available in each sector that will bring much peace and tranquility around you.

This housing project will have easy access from Thalian Interchange. That is how the rest of the critical landmarks within the twin cities also become closer to this location.

In addition to maintaining natural beauty, they have also tried to provide the members of this housing project with some unique architecture. The constructions of the Islamabad Golf City would be the prettiest in all the rest of the housing societies of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The infrastructure will be equipped with cutting-edge amenities for you.

Islamabad Golf City Owners And Developers:

The Islamabad Golf City is a project of joint companies. Mr. Muhammad Usman Khan, who is already known for his recent task of Capital Smart city, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this housing project. The Islamabad Golf City is a project of the companies that have already done many other construction chores in the recent past. They have proved as the most comfortable and flawless buildings. This time they are offering their excellent services to the people of the twin cities in the form of the Islamabad Golf City housing project. 

It is undoubtedly the expectation that, like their previous projects, they will not leave any downbeat impact on their valuable customers this time as well. The Islamabad Golf City will also be better than their previous projects. 

The name of this housing project is connected with the most reliable builders of Pakistan. That is why the investors have a keen interest in this emerging housing project of Islamabad. Investors always want to invest money in such a project, which would have the best return on investment. The same is the case with this housing project. If you are interested, we will recommend you to invest in Islamabad Golf City without any hesitation. 

The owners of Islamabad golf city leave a message for you that;

“Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want – we will help you get the result you dreamed of.”

Islamabad Golf City Legal Status

Any housing project needs a clearance from the government, or in other words, it is a no-objection certificate required to run a housing project legally. If a housing project sells the plots without the clearance of its legal status, then the authorities have the right to stop any such activity. 

Similarly, the Islamabad Golf City owners have also applied for a NOC for this housing project from the Capital development authority, as this scheme is under CDA.

Keeping in view the previous projects of these developers, we can estimate that CDA will soon issue a NOC to them as the owners of this housing scheme are among the leading and reliable builders of Pakistan. The owners have a plan of starting work properly after getting clearance from CDA.

Islamabad Golf City Location

This superb housing project of Islamabad is located near Lahore –Islamabad motorway M2. It is also close form the Thalian interchange Rawalpindi. Thus the Islamabad Golf City is located at an ideal location between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

Islamabad Golf City Accessibility

The Islamabad Golf City, as we mentioned earlier, is positioned at an easily accessible location. Let’s find out which are the network of routes that are lying close to Islamabad Golf City;

  • Located close to the M-2 Motorway
  • Direct access using Thalian Interchange
  • 13 min drive away from N-80
  • 11 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
  • 21 min drive away from Fatima Jinnah University
  • 9 min drive away from Srinagar Highway
  • 14 min drive away from Rawalpindi-Kohat Road
  • 5 min drive away from New Islamabad International Airport

Islamabad Golf City Nearby Landmarks & Places

Lets generally go through the list , contains the names of those important land marks and places  which are lying close to Islamabad Golf City.

Islamabad Golf City Layout Plan  

The owners of Islamabad Golf city provide you with their best master plan as they aim to facilitate the inhibitors of this housing project with world-class amenities. For that, the first thing that has to be precise is the plan of a housing project. The developers conducted deep research to design a flawless Islamabad Golf City master plan. 

Islamabad Golf City Layout Plan

The floor plan of this housing project will be the same as the other modern housing projects of Islamabad. There will be a main boulevard, starting from the main gate of the society and running from all the sectors. All of the critical buildings like hospitals, schools, commercial areas, and mosques are adjusted in the Islamabad Golf city master plan so that the dweller from any sector of this housing project would be able to access quickly.

The total area is divided into different sectors containing residential and commercial plots, parks, and green belts in a plan. Besides the boulevard, there will be sufficiently wide streets intersecting each other.  

With its proximity to the capital, modern and advanced amenities, and state-of-the-art planning, Islamabad Golf City Master Plan presents a spectacular sight. The Golf City Islamabad project is ideally suited for property investment and authorizing businesses in Islamabad. It is designed to offer everything one needs to live an ideal life, including residential lots, commercial lots, and other luxuries.

Currently, Islamabad’s golf city is offering you residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Besides the commercial properties would also be available in coming future. Presently, the residential plots are available on a flexible 30-month installment plan at Islamabad gold city.

Let’s have a look at the details of the Islamabad Golf City Residential Plots;

Islamabad Golf City 5 Marla Plots 

  • Total Price = 2,000,000 PKR
  • Processing Fee = 6,000 PKR
  • Booking = 400,000 PKR
  • Confirmation after 30 Month = 300,333 PKR
  • At Balloting = 140,000 PKR
  • Per Month = 38,667 PK

8 Marla Plots in Islamabad Golf City:

  • Total Price = 3,000,000 PKR
  • Processing Fee = 8,000 PKR
  • Booking = 600,000 PKR
  • Confirmation after 30
  • Month = 450,000 PKR
  • At Balloting = 210,000 PKR
  • Per Month = 58,000 PKR

Islamabad Golf City 10 Marla Plots

  • Total Price = 3,750,000 PKR
  • Processing Fee = 12,000 PKR
  • Booking = 750,000 PKR
  • Confirmation after 30 Month = 562,500 PKR
  • At Balloting = 262,500 PKR
  • Per Month = 72,500 PKR

Islamabad Golf City 1 Kanal Plots 

  • Total Price = 7,000,000 PKR
  • Processing Fee = 24,000 PKR
  • Booking = 1,400,000 PKR
  • Confirmation after 30 Month = 1,050,000 PKR
  • At Balloting = 490,000 PKR
  • Per Month = 135,334 PKR

Islamabad Golf City Payment Plan

The Islamabad Golf City offers investors incredibly reasonable, flexible, and easy payment plans for any investor considering investing in a grand housing scheme. The residential and commercial properties in Islamabad Golf City are available in installments since it is a brand new and developing project. There is no information regarding Payment Plans in Islamabad Golf City yet, but it is evident that each Plot is offered with three or five-year installments.

Following is a table showing the details of the Islamabad golf city Residential plots payment plan.

Islamabad Golf City Payment Plan

Islamabad Golf City Paradise Block 3.5 Marla Plots Payment Plan


 Following are some crucial points that are needed before purchasing a property in Islamabad Golf City;

  • Check a complete non-objection certification of this housing project. If it is pending, then get information when it is expected to be granted.
  • Make verification of the documents from the Capital Development Authority.
  •  To proceed further, take the guidance of an authentic and reliable real estate firm.
  • You should also keep an eye that either the funds match up with the payment plan.
  • Properly check that vital facilities like gas, electricity, and water would be available 24/7 in your area.
  • A thorough judgment of the infrastructure of the housing society is also necessary.
  • Make a complete survey of the location that either Islamabad Golf city lays close to the hospitals, educational institutes, etc.
  • Check the level of the security system.

Islamabad Golf City Salient Features

As we said earlier that the Islamabad housing project is going to offer many world class amenities to their customers. There will be almost each facility in this society that you could image.

Let’s have a look on the amenities , which they are offering in this housing project;

  • Self-sustainable city
  • Urban agriculture
  • Infrastructure of international standards
  • Luxury shopping malls
  • Swimming pools
  • Racing track
  • Futuristic amenities
  • Luxurious business center
  • International standard schools and colleges
  • Lakes and hills
  • Renewable energy
  • Spa 
  • Gyms
  • Fine dining the resort
  • Grand mosque for community
  • Community gymnasium
  • Community’s graveyard
  • Luxurious apartments at ‘The Heights’
  • Transport/Shuttle Service
  • Sports living society
  • Golf Range
  • Eco-friendly
  • Gated community
  • Concealed utilities
  • Fully furnished I Healthcare facilities
  • 24/7 foolproof security
  • Smart waste management
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • 24/7 electricity, gas, and water


 Lets find out which are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Islamabad Golf city.


Q1: What is the location of Islamabad Golf City?

Islamabad is located near Lahore –Islamabad motorway M2. It is also close form the thaliana interchange Rawalpindi.

Q2: Is Islamabad Golf City an approved housing project?

The Islamabad golf city has already applied for a NOC from CDA. As they are well reputed developers with their previous successful building projects, so this it is expected that they will receive their NOC quite soon.

Q3: Who are the developers of Islamabad Golf City?

 The Islamabad Golf City is a project of joint companies. Mr. Muhammad Usman Khan , who is already known for his recent project of Capital Smart city, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this housing project.

Q4: Is it safe and profitable from an investment of view?

The reviews about Islamabad Golf City are rating higher among the real estate experts. So this it is expected that the prices of the plots in this housing project will also rise with time. So it is a highly profitable investment housing project.

Q5: What is the Islamabad Golf City Official Website address?

The Islamabad Golf City has its official web portal, which contains all of the details related to this housing project.


 Islamabad and Rawalpindi, a leading residential society, Islamabad Golf City boasts the highest development standards. It is located at the most focal point between the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Plus, there are many high-end amenities they are offering in their housing project. That is the reason why the value of this housing project has risen. It is a golden opportunity for interested investors to purchase a plot in Islamabad golf city.

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