Faisal Town Islamabad

Here you will read in-depth about another newly emerging housing society in the capital city of Pakistan, the “Faisal Town Islamabad.” This housing project occupies a beautiful location in the capital city and is located on the main Fateh Jang Road and is not far away from Fateh Jang Interchange on Motorway M-1.

That is how it is a highly focal point of Islamabad city. That has easy access to all of the major landmarks of the city. With this respect, being located in the creamiest sector F-18, this certainly is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which is offering you to invest in the highly profitable area of the capital city. Besides, its luxurious and comfortable amenities have also grabbed the attention of the interested investors, which they are offering among the most serene and picturesque views of Islamabad city.

Faisal Town Islamabad

In other words, here in Faisal Town Islamabad, you would live in a fully developed township that will have all of the smart facilities for you, including cutting-edge amenities, prime location, and high standard expansion. That will make you feel like living in an advanced city within a city.

Faisal Town Islamabad Developers 

Faisal Town Islamabad is a housing venture of a highly reputable developer, the Zedem International Private Limited. It is a private organization run by the former chairman of MPCHS, Mr. Chaudhry Abdul Majeed. This developmental firm has already delivered many other projects from the same line. Those are located in sectors E-11, F-17, and B-17 of Islamabad.

Mentioning the names of their few top of the line projects they include Faisal Hills, Faisal Residencia, Faisal Margalla City & Sea Square, etc.

The builders’ success can be attributed to the fact that all of these developments maintain a higher level of eminence of life with modern design. Developing new real estate standards is one of Zedem International’s goals for long-term growth. The projects delivered by this company have a high return on investment, ensuring profits.


Faisal Town Islamabad Project Overview

The Faisal Town housing scheme is a small residential project. Within the lap of beautiful Margilla hills, it offers only three residential blocks in the society. It has high development standards, and its commercial projects are also doing well.

 Moreover, the society had a record-breaking two-and-a-half-year period to complete block A. Society is currently building many houses and commercial buildings. A good pace is currently being maintained in the development of Block B, and its files are being sold in the market at a reasonable price.

There is a vast network of wide carpeted roads, a disposable sewerage system, water, gas, and electricity connections, and hospitals, schools, and colleges are in the pipeline to be built-in society.

That is the why that it is a highly recommended housing society. Due to its numerous salient features, it is considered as an excellent investment opportunity for both investors and locals.

 Faisal Town Islamabad NOC Status

The Faisal Town is located in a position that, although it is adjacent to Islamabad and is located in sector F-18, it lies under Rawalpindi’s jurisdiction. That is why it is a part of the Rawalpindi development authority. 

The good news about the legal position of Faisal town Islamabad is that they have received their non-objection certificate from the Rawalpindi development authority. The RDA has issued them noc for about 11823.50 Kanal lands. Under the following registration number;

No. RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-TAX-02/966

In addition to this Environment Protection Department Punjab has also issued an Environmental Approval letter under the following number;

DD (EIA)/EPA/F-65 (IEE)/2802/2014/579 dated 21st March 2014

It can also be checked on the Faisal Town Islamabad Official web portal at www.RDA.gop.pk.

Faisal Town Islamabad is a legal housing society of RDA which truly is an amazing opportunity for both the interested investors and those who want their dream house in the prime location of Islamabad. It is nearest to the downtown and all other major landmarks of the twin cities. 

Faisal Town Islamabad Location

The Faisal Town Islamabad housing society is available just next to the Fateh Jang interchange. This interchange connects this housing project with the Motorway and Kashmir Highway. It finally connects it to the New Islamabad Airport and the Islamabad city. Located just next to the motorway, this area where Faisal Town Islamabad is located generally falls under zone 2 of Islamabad.

This housing society is considered one of the best in this area concerning the location. It is not only suitably positioned among the twin cities, but at the same time, some other highly luxurious housing societies of this region are also located just too close to the Faisal Town Islamabad like Capital Smart CityUniversity town and ICHS Town, etc.

Faisal Town Islamabad Nearby Routes and Landmarks

Lets have a bird eye view of those landmarks and routes which are located just next to Faisal town Islamabad.

Nearby Routes

Following are the nearby routes which are making access to this township faster;

  • Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2
  • Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway M1
  • Srinagar Highway
  • Ternol Motoway Link Road
  • Rawalpindi –Kohat Road
  • CEPEC Western route
  • Link Road
  • Ternol Motorway Link Road

Nearby Landmarks

Following are the nearby landmarks which are located close to the Faisal town Islamabad.

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Faisla Twon F-18 Central Park
  • Dhoke hameeda
  • Nasrala
  • Phamara
  • Shalimar Town
  • F-17 Markarz
  • Wani
  • Fazaila housing Scheme tarnol
  • Top City 1
  • Rakh Pind Ranjha
  • Dhok Waracha
  • Rakh Pind Ranjha
  • PECHS Islamabad
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Islamabad –Dera ISlami Khan Motorway
  • Airport Enclave Islamabad
  • Mumtaz City
  • Shalimar Town
  • Capital Smart City
  •  University town 
  •  ICHS Town

 Living in such a peaceful land, surrounded by tranquility and lying among the two major cities of which one is the capital city of Pakistan, truly is just like a dream. Such connected networks of routes are creating this location the most desirable one. That is positioned at a prime location surrounded by many other neighboring housing projects.

Faisal Town Islamabad Map

The Faisal Town Islamabad location Map is a mixture of flawless development and beauty. Lets have a look at the picture below that shows Faisal Town Islamabad location map.

Faisal Town Islamabad Master Plan

The Faisal Town Islamabad Master Plan is the result of keen interest by the competent technical staff of the developers. It processes all of the essential elements, which are indispensable living features. Each sector has spacious streets. There are commercial areas and parks at the most suitable distance from different units of each block. 

In Faisal Town F-18, there will be a thoughtfully-designed community. There are several amenities in Faisal Town Islamabad, including a community club, playgrounds, filling stations, educational institutions, and many more. The development also features a scenic lake and picturesque views.

Faisal Town Islamabad Master Plan is composed of 3 blocks. These are named A, B, and C Block. At Faisal Town, Islamabad residential plots are available in different sizes. Look at the list below showing the variant sizes of the Faisal Town Islamabad residential plots;

  • 50 x 90
  • 40 x 80
  • 40 x 60
  • 35 x 70
  • 35 x 60
  • 30 x 55

The Faisal Town Islamabad commercial plots are available in the following size;

  • 50×90

Faisal Town Islamabad Apartments

The good news for the interested investors is that Faisal Town Islamabad also offers readymade Flats and Apartments to its customers. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to live in a neat, clean and beautiful environment in the vicinity of Islamabad. Purchasing readymade Faisal Town Islamabad flats and apartments would be the wisest decision because it is offering you by the owners, who also have built it with great care. So there is no hustle for you to go through the construction process of your house. Instead, you may avail  this opportunity by directly purchasing Faisal Town Islamabad flats and apartments.

Faisal Town Islamabad  BOOKING PROCEDURE

To bo0ok a plot at Faisal Town Islamabad, following are the documents that are required to make booking;

  • 2 pictures of Main candidate
  • 2 Pictures of candidate
  • 1 Copy of ID Card/   Photocopy of Passport of Main candidate
  • 1 Copy of ID Card/   Photocopy of Passport of applicant
  • Pay order in Favor of retailer


Development pace is a characteristic of Faisal Town owners. Much of the developmental work has already been completed. It took about two and half years for Block-A development work to be completed. Development in Block B, on the other hand, is advancing rapidly. 

The sale of Faisal town Islamabad plots is already in progress. 

In addition to the residential buildings, the commercial plazas are currently under construction. The procession of this block is almost ready. At the same time, the Faisal Town Islamabad Block C is under construction. The developmental work is quite higher in this block. For a profitable return, the files of block C are also obtainable in the market.


Faisal Town Islamabad Prices and Payment Plan

There are many housing developments in this area, but Faisal Town is one of the most expensive. Several factors, including location, development standards, investors’ trust, the pace of development, the opening of the New Islamabad Airport etc have caused society prices to rise steadily. However, there is still much more room for growth as housing demand will be much higher following the arrival of the new airport.

Let’s look at the picture below showing the latest price plan for Faisal Town Islamabad residential plots.

In Faisal Town, there are no bookings yet. You can, however, get an idea of the last booking prices in C Block through this price list.

Faisal Town Islamabad Features & Amenities

Faisal Town Islamabad has modern conveniences that meet the needs of everyone who lives on the development’s premises. The following are the standouts of these features;

  • Modern Commercial Areas 

 Several retail brands and entertainment options would be available in the residences. The housing project is an outcome of strategically planning so that all blocks feature a modern commercial area. The residents will enjoy both local and international brands in the commercial areas.

  • Branded Shopping Malls

 In the malls, you will be availing all of the twenty-second century’s modern facilities, including elevators, escalators, car parks, a valet parking service, a security system, restrooms, and more.

  • Wide Carpeted Road

  In the first phase of the society’s development, the management opted to finish the extensive network of carpeted roadways. Residents and visitors will find a vast network of roads across the community to make commuting easier. The society’s main boulevard, double highways, and streets contain concrete sidewalks and street lights.

  • Underground Electricity, Water & Gas 

 The housing society will provide all of the needs of life and basic amenities to its residents, including subsurface electricity, 24-hour water, and gas supplies.

  • Gated Community

To safeguard the safety of its members and distinguish the society from other housing societies in the area, the developers opted to make this housing project comprehensive security guarded complex bordered by a towering perimeter wall that will provide tenants with a sense of protection.

  • Parks and Play Grounds

In a residential project, sporting events activities are crucial for the well-being of both children and adults. The Faisal Town master plan contains various parks and playgrounds around the community that provides recreational sports to meet this need.

  • Schools and College

Availability of good education is on the top main concern list of the owners. For that reason, some well-known schools and colleges in Pakistan have been granted permission by the housing project to open their campuses in society. So that students can continue their education without having to travel to the central city.

  • Mosques

Faisal town Islamabad is also going to create a beautifully designed mosque. So that people can pray conveniently. These mosques can comfortably fulfill hundreds of people for Jummah prayers, Eid prayers, and other special prayers simultaneously.  

  • Hospitals and health care units 

There would be available a modern and fully functional hospital within the community. The basic facilities would also be available within the hospital to deal with any emergencies that may arise in the society and the surrounding region.

Bottom Line

Because of its rapid development rate, easy possession, and facilities, Faisal Town Islamabad is once in a life time investment opportunity for you. It offers a very safe environment with all educational facilities, playgrounds, shops, and more, making it an excellent living environment for families. Beautiful sceneries surround it but location wise, this is the best housing project within the twin cities.

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