Capital Valley Islamabad

 Here we will introduce another highly modern housing project located at the focal point near Islamabad Airport, the Capital Valley Islamabad. This housing project is a proud venture of the Urban Solutions Private Limited and Green Thumb, which hold a solid reputation in this field. You may approach the area M-2 Motorway, Srinagar Highway, and Airport Avenue without any hassle. 

Overall the main features like the responsible team of developers, cutting–edge infrastructure, suitable location and highly affordable plots for sale are the combined factors that this housing project has become noted. 

 These notable features turn this housing venture into high-ranking housing projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. That is why many people are interested in investing in the Capital Valley Islamabad.

 Capital Valley Islamabad Developers & Owners

As you know that Capital Valley Islamabad is a joint production of the Urban Solutions Private Limited and Green Thumb.

Urban Solutions are among the famous developers of Pakistan. They provide the following services under their roof;

  •  Designing
  •  Landscaping

The developers and owners have envisioned the project as a complete package that includes all of life’s necessities. Residents do not need to leave the community to meet their necessities. All primary and luxurious amenities are supplied within the society’s borders, making it a comprehensive and modern residential project. It has a well-balanced mix of corporate, residential, and commercial sectors at reasonable prices.

Capital Valley Islamabad NOC

Capital Valley Islamabad lies under the Jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Development Authority. They have applied for their Non-Objection Certificate from RDA. It is expected that RDA will shortly approve their NOC.

The Capital Valley’s administration and builders, on the other hand, have completed all of the necessary steps to become a legal housing society shortly. The NOC is now being processed, and the response body will likely accept it soon.

Capital Valley Islamabad Location

 Capital Valley Islamabad is located just in the hub of the busy area of the twin cities. It is just too close to the Islamabad airport. Further, the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2 and Srinagar highway provide direct access to this location. There are various other housing societies located in the vicinity of Capital valley Rawalpindi like Mumtaz City, top City 1 and Airport Enclave etc.

Capital Valley Islamabad Accessibilities:

Let’s look at those effective route channels, which help access Capital Valley Islamabad easy. Further the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2 and Srinagar highway provides you direct access to this location. Islamabad airport is just next to this area.

There are various other housing societies which are located in the vicinity of Capital valley Rawalpindi like Mumtaz City, top City 1 and Airport Enclave etc.

Lets have a look on those important channels of routes, which help making an easy access to Capital Valley Islamabad.

  • It is located near M-2 Motorway, Srinagar Highway, and Airport Avenue
  • It takes almost 5 min drive to reach Thalian Interchange
  • It takes almost 21 min to reach Chakri Interchange
  • It takes almost 15 min to reach N-80
  • It takes almost 16 min to reach M-1 Motorway
  • It takes almost 16 min to reach Rawalpindi-kohat Road

Capital Valley Islamabad Nearby Landmarks  

There are numerous famous landmarks and major places which are located near Capital Valley Islamabad like;

Capital Valley Islamabad Master Plan

 A highly trained team of civil engineers, architects, town planners, and property developers with years of relevant real estate development experience planned and developed Capital Valley Islamabad’s master plan. The Capital Valley Islamabad has been equipped with all the necessary and elegant conveniences, allowing it to confidently claim the title of the most fantastic investment tool in Islamabad.

In Capital Valley Islamabad, you may get residential plots in the following different sizes;

  • 5 Marla (25X50)
  • 8 Marla (30X60)
  • 10 Marla (35X70)
  • 14 Marla (40X80)
  • 1 Kanal (50X90)

Capital Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

Capital Valley Islamabad offers cheap payment plans with convenient installment schedules. Currently Capital Valley Islamabad plots for sale are available for purchase.


Capital Valley Islamabad Residential Plots Payment Plan

Following is the installment plan of the capital valley Islamabad for residential plots.

Capital Valley Islamabad Facilities & Amenities

Following are the world class amenities which the management of the Capital Valley Islamabad is offering to its customers

  • High-end brands Shops
  • Affordability
  • ease of access
  • 24/7 security
  • High standard of Maintenance
  • Sufficient Water Resources
  • Eco-community
  • Stunning Entrance
  • Medical Complex
  • Quality Development
  • World-Class Educational Buildings
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Capital Park
  • Food Court
  • A well managed sewerage and waste disposal system
  • Capital Monument
  • Lifestyle Center Gaming Zone
  • Top-notch infrastructure development
  • Capital Walk
  • Aqua Park
  • Five-star Service Apartments
  • Jade Park
  • Emerald Park

Why Invest in Capital Valley Islamabad?

  The top leading points may convince anyone to select this highly luxurious and yet highly affordable housing society of Islamabad for investment.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Prime location
  • Spacious properties
  • High deluxe amenities
  • Soon-to-be-approved
  • Expert developers
  • Global infrastructure development

Documentation Requirement for Booking

It would need some following documents to buy property in Capital Valley Rawalpindi;

  • Two passport-size photographs
  • NICOP for international clients
  •  Two copies of your national identification card
  • Two copies of your next Kin’s identification card

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


 Let us find out the answers to some of the frequently asked FAQs about Capital Valley Islamabad.

Q1: What is Capital Valley Islamabad, and how is it different from other projects?

Ans. The Capital Valley Islamabad project is a property project developed to offer residents a unique living experience at a competitive price. It is produced by a team of engineers, architects, and other professionals with years of experience.

Q2: Is Capital Valley Islamabad approved and a legal project?

Ans: Capital Valley Islamabad is a project by a reputable developer in Pakistan. They have completed many other developmental tasks before this venture. They have applied for a no-objection certificate, and it is expected that RDA will issue them a NOC soon.

Q3: Is Capital Valley Islamabad an affordable property project?

 Ans: Yes, Capital Valley Islamabad instalment plans make it easy to buy. Managing luxury while keeping prices affordable has been a critical factor for their success.

Q4: Does Capital Valley Islamabad has a potential high yield investment return?

Ans. Due to the Capital Valley Islamabad flexible payment schedule, most families and small investors can afford it. As a result, the investment has a higher yield potential.

Q5: What is the location of the Capital Valley Islamabad?

Ans. Capital Valley Islamabad is located at the most focal point and lies in the sphere of Islamabad Airport, M-2 Motorway, Srinagar Highway, and Airport Avenue.

Q6: Who are the developers of Capital Valley Islamabad?

AnsCapital Valley Islamabad is a joint production of the famous Urban Solutions Private Limited in collaboration with Green Thumb.



Capital Valley Islamabad is an excellent addition to the real estate market of Islamabad. Because the price levels of other housing societies are rapidly increasing, now is the perfect time to invest in Capital Valley since it offers the best bargain in the real economy.

Because of its location on Airport Avenue, this residential society’s future is safe and protected. It is a highly recommended housing venture for those looking to put their money into the real estate market. Moreover this venture is an excellent proposal for new investors seeking elegant yet inexpensive plots in the State Capital.

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