Best Restaurants In Islamabad

To know the best restaurants in Islamabad, have a glance through our guide to the best restaurants in Islamabad to arrange your next delicious meal in Pakistan’s capital. The restaurant industry in Islamabad has recently shaken up the local food scene with several new trendy restaurants and bars.

What Type Of Cuisines Can Be Found In Islamabad?

Islamabad is a foodie’s paradise, and these are some of the best restaurants in Islamabad to get your meal while you are there. Many newcomers to the city’s expanding culinary sphere specialize in international cuisine, catering to the city’s many employed diplomats and audacious foodies.

From Chinese restaurants to Central Asian cuisine to fine continental cuisine, almost every ethnic cuisine can be found in Islamabad. Pakistan is known for its various traditional foods like Nihari, Halwa Poori, Daal, Chapli Kebab. Islamabad cuisine has evolved as it now has foreign franchises like McDonald’s, KFC, Hardee’s, Subway, TGI Fridays, Cinnamon Cafe and Chinese Grill.

Following the eating trends of the new generation, many new restaurants got opened in the city. Nowadays, Islamabad is seeing the opening of different types of restaurants. Besides Asian and Chinese and other varieties are also available for food lovers. There are amazing restaurants of Moroccan, Lebanese, Turkish, japans, Thai and Arabic cuisine.

10 Best Restaurants In Islamabad For Dining

For foreign and local tourists visiting Islamabad, we have prepared a list of restaurants in Islamabad. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan since the 1960s, was built according to a carefully organized plan that divided it into several sections with a clean grid from streets. Islamabad’s restaurant business of late has surprised the native food division with a flood of electrifying innovative restaurants. Many embellishments for the capital’s fast-growing food exhibition are done. Have a look at the best restaurants in Islamabad.


This restaurant is located on the streets of the luxurious Serena Hotel in Islamabad; Rakaposhi Café and Patisserie is the perfect place to dine in. This restaurant is still an ideal place to enjoy with family or loved ones and to rest for a while in an elegant setting. It’s a desi restaurant in Islamabad.

The red-controlled venue encompasses a sensual style with exquisite lighting, marble floors, and a series of huge and distinctive columns coated with reflective brass panels and benches within the outdoors garden. Additionally, to coffee and other hot and cold beverages, the café offers delicious snacks such as regular Asian samosas and fried tongue rolls with various delicious fillings or afried eggs, grilled chicken, bacon and cheddar cheese signature Serena sandwich cheese club.

This bakery has plenty of tempting dishes for sweets, all made from scratch in-house. The location for this restaurant is Rakaposhi, Ramna 5, Khayaban-e-Suhrawardy, and Islamabad, Pakistan.

Lime Tree

It is situated in Kuch Khaas, the centre of fine arts and culture. The Lime Tree is a bar and bakery that serves drinks and freshly baked goodies. The best thing about this restaurant is the atmosphere. The decorated venue, flooded with light from large windows, invites visitors into a relaxing, cosy environment where guests can enjoy their drinks while savouring the elegant art on the terrace walls or while reading one of the books on the café’s shelf. There’s even a lovely lawn with sheds, coffee tables, and comfy sofas to enjoy drinks.

The menus’ Specialities include:
Ricotta and spinach ravioli.
Lamb-style braised scallops on croutons.
Their many delicious dessert dishes.

The address for the restaurant is Kuch Khaas, House # 1, Street # 1, Main Margalla Road, F-6/3, and Islamabad.


Choosing from the many options on the Khiva Restaurant menu can be challenging. Still, not all dishes on offer are drawn from Pakistani culinary traditions and other Asian cuisinesOne of their specialities on menus is Pashtun specialities such as grilled meat or lamb chops; various Afghan-style grilled meats; lamb or chicken cooked with seasoning. Plus, there are many other delicious dishes, including a variety of tempting soups and salads.

It provides you with a quiet and calm atmosphere. There are rows of beautiful rugs hung on the wall instead of the floor. It is situated on 64 main Margalla road, F-6 / 3, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Monal offers stunning spectacular views. This restaurant is off the beaten track, but crossing the fertile hills to reach the restaurant itself is a rewarding experience. It is one of the most famous restaurants in Islamabad. It is mainly due to its location in the surrounding hills of Islamabad, offering beautiful and amazing views of the city.

Dine on one of the seven spacious open-air terraces with views of the entire city in the distance and enjoy a dining experience like no other. Some popular dishes include roast beef and wasabi sandwich, sautéed Khao Suey, Italian pasta, and cappuccino brownie with ice cream. Their speciality is BBQ and Karahi, worth trying these dishes. They also serve different kinds of kebabs and brain masala. Their food is mouth-watering. It is located on Pir Sohawa Road, Islamabad.

Mocca Coffee

Their goal is to offer humble, garden-fresh necessities and elegant meals. Café Mocca offers everything from a club sandwich to pasta dishes and cheeseburgers; and all other fast food items. It is the best fast food restaurant in Islamabad. The menu also offers fineness from around the world, such as crespelle, nachos and Spanish tortillas, and impresses with the selection of delicious cakes, tarts, cupcakes and desserts.

  But coffee is king here. It is more than just a cafe and is dedicated to making great coffee, with each blend being roasted and expertly prepared before being lovingly served in various ways. It is located at Kohsar Market, F-6/3, and Islamabad, Pakistan.

Siena Ristorante

Siena Ristorante offers the best Italian cuisine in town. However, the restaurant is named after the quaint Tuscan town and serves Italy’s most famous specialities. The Italian dishes are as follows; Bruschettas and prawns; moreover, to continue with some baked lasagna or pasta alla carbonara, it also has the juiciest steaks on the menu.

 It has a Venetian style swimming pool. A small platform floating above it in the middle of the pool was a romantic table where two people could commemorate the Ponte Rialto over the Venetian bridge. The address is Street 48, F-8/4, and Islamabad, Pakistan.


 It is set in a private residence. Majlis doesn’t impress from the outside, but steps inside, and the restaurant amazes visitors with its incredible design and rich decorationThey have large, intricately carved wooden tables, beautiful rugs and exquisite murals depicting natural landscapes give Majlis an exciting yet intimate atmosphere that amazes first-time visitors and customers alike.

 Majlis Kitchen, an Arabic restaurant, presents a delicious menu dominated by Lebanese specialties. The highlights include kabsa rice, tahini hummus, babaganoush and a diverse selection of delicious kebabsIt is situated on Street# 4, Hill Road, F 6/3, and Islamabad, Pakistan.

Polo Lounge

The city is full of new restaurant openings, and the Polo Lounge is one of the best. The restaurant’s strong point is the enchanting view of the picturesque surroundings that can be enjoyed from the balcony. Still, the kitchen also deserves praise for the refined offerings with which it pampers the guests of the Polo Lounge.

 It would be best if you dropped by this elegant restaurant for well-prepared fine dining in Islamabad, including delicacies such as grilled chicken fillet with blue cheese sauce and Japanese-style beef steak. It is located near F-5/2, Saidpur Village, and Islamabad.

This lunch-only restaurant is located on the grounds of the Khaas Gallery in Islamabad, one of the city’s premier contemporary art galleries, committed to showcasing the work of exciting young talent. The food served in the adjoining cafeteria is no less valuable than the art. The menu offers a list of crisp, fresh salads and tempting entrees like the exquisite Thai red curry, served with steamed rice and sautéed vegetables. The coffee is also beyond comparison. Visit this café on Street 2, F-6/3, and Islamabad.

Café 1969

Finally, the cafeteria titled 1969 visitors brought the magnificent 1960, a time of prosperity, which experienced the rapid development of Islamabad and Pakistan. Extracts from old newspapers printed on walls and tablecloths, including extensive outdoor areas in 1969. Most importantly, guests can enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying the fresh air. However, it offered simple but authentic Pakistani and continental cuisine in 1969. The address of this restaurant is Sakarparyian, Islamabad. 

Bottom Line

Islamabad is one of big metropolitan cities of Pakistan. The commercial are of this city are places of great hassle and bustle. Tourists, from different cities come on one day visit every day in Islamabad. Moreover it is one of a big attraction for the university, college and schools. As Islamabad is at a distance of few hours from different localities, of khyber Pakhtoon khwa and Punjab. So whenever you will be hanging out you will notice many of the tourists in the commercial areas of Islamabad. The Islamabad’s food spots and restaurants are the main attraction for the tourists.

Best restaurants in Islamabad are of particular interest to the general public, including desi restaurants, fast food places, Chinese restaurants, continental restaurants, contemporary casual, and coffee shops. The variety of these restaurants is due to the type of food. A variety of food and quality make them the best restaurants in Islamabad, and they never disappoint their customers.

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