best CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad

Are you looking for the best CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad? Let us briefly describe to you that Capital Development Authority CDA is an authorized government body, which regulates all the newly emerging and previously existing housing schemes and other essential infrastructures in Islamabad. After significant expansion, many new housing schemes are taking place in and around the vicinity of the capital city. Everyone has access to this opportunity of investment in the best CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad.

Best CDA Approved Housing Societies In Islamabad

The best CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad offer many new amenities besides the basic facilities. In these circumstances, many illegal housing schemes have also come up in Islamabad. They have no legal rights for selling property as CDA has not passed any NOC to them. So the key before purchasing property in Islamabad is to get all the information about a particular housing society you are looking forward to investing. 

If you are searching for CDA approved societies list?  Let’s have a look at the list of the best CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad.

Bahria Enclave-II, Agro Farming Scheme

Bahria Enclave-II, Agro Farming Scheme, is located on Angoori Road, just a few minutes off the Murree Expressway. This scheme comes under CDA Zone 4. It is yet another CDA Islamabad new project 2021. Geographically this scheme is positioned on a high elevated area than the surrounding; that is why one can get a better and beautiful view of the Margilla hills from his lush green farmhouse. They offer approximately 5 Kanal (110×200) farmhouses on three years easy instalments plan.

Bahria Enclave-II, Agro Farming Scheme, is one of the best farming schemes in the capital city. The NOC was issued on 16-07-2014 to them. Bahria Town needs no introduction. They have built their image with their consistent hard work and dedication.

Besides Karachi and Lahore have developed housing societies within the twin cities like Bahria Town Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi and Bahria Enclave Islamabad. This housing scheme provides you with a beautiful chance of investment in Islamabad.

 It is one of the best CDA approved farm housing schemes in Islamabad, which offers many new amenities besides the basic facilities.

Multi Gardens Phase -1

When you are in search of CDA approved societies list? You will come to know about Multi Gardens , which is another addition among the popular CDA Islamabad new project 2021. It comes under CDA approved housing societies list 2021. This housing society was developed by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). It is located in, A -17, B-17 and B-18, while it comes under zone II of Islamabad. You can access Multi Garden from the Main GT road that goes towards Peshawar. It has two gates, A & B, situated on the main road.  The Developmental work in Multi Gardens Islamabad has already been completed up to 80%. They have acquired 7673 kanals land, which has some 4670 residential plots. The layout of this housing scheme was approved on 27-09-2006, while they got the NOC from CDA on 30-01-2008. According to the master plan, the society is divided into blocks A, B, C, D, E, F & G, where they offer residential and commercial plots in sizes 5,8,10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal. The Multi Garden Phase-1 is legally approved; hence here, you can invest satisfactorily.

Naval Anchorage

Naval Anchorage is a legal housing project in Islamabad that was started back in 1989 by the Pakistan Navy Housing Scheme with the brand name of Naval Anchorage Islamabad. It is present in zone V, Mouza Sihala Khurd and Gangota Off Islamabad Highway, Japan Road. Just at a distance of 2 km from Bahria Town and 55km from the New Islamabad Airport. They have acquired land comprised of 3702.70 Kanals. This housing scheme aimed to represent the families of the martyrs of the Pakistan Navy.

They received the NOC on 28-05-2020 from CDA. Naval Anchorage Islamabad has many blocks in its Phase 1 and Phase 1 Extension, here they have a variety of residential and commercial plots.

OPF Housing Scheme

OPF Housing Scheme is a well-established housing scheme in ICT Zone-5 Islamabad. This housing scheme is located at Mouza Pind Malka, Japan Road, connected to the Islamabad expressway, which has easy access to the main commercial hubs of twin cities. It is present in the best CDA sectors for investment in Islamabad.

OPF has eight different sectors. This housing scheme is designed specifically for overseas Pakistanis with all the world’s best amenities. The owners of OPF appointed FWO for developmental work. While a well-known engineering developmental firm NESPAK has created the design and master plan of this society.

OPF has acquired 4683 Kanals of area, where they are offering 2246 residential plots. They received the NOC on 08-10-2011. You are going to find all the basic amenities along with additional luxuries in this housing scheme.

Pakistan Navy Farms, Islamabad

Pakistan Naval Farms is a modern farm housing project located at Pind Bhegwal Mera Bhegwal and Athal (Zone 4 Subzone C) Simly Dam road, Islamabad near Bara Kahu. This housing scheme is a joint project of Pakistan Navy and NHS Hometown Builders. It is one of the best CDA sectors for investment in Islamabad. Their NOC was issued on 13-03-1993.

They offer a variety of farmhouses ranging from 5 kanals to 20 kanals. Pakistan Naval Farms is planned in two phases. In Phase 1- block A, you will find plots of 20 kanals for the farmhouses.

While in Phase 2 are B block and C block. Here they offer an area comprised of 5 kanals to 12 kanals farmhouse. In Block D and E, farmhouses in 5 Kanal sizes are available.

Cabinet Division Employees Co-operative Housing Society

The Cabinet Division Employees Co-operative Housing Society comes under CDA approved societies list. It is located in zones 2, Sectors E-16 & E-17 of Islamabad. They are offering you some 2749 residential plots in the total area of some 4405 Kanals land.

It certainly is the best opportunity for you to invest in this housing scheme as they offer plots at the best affordable rates.

 CBR Town

CBR Town comes under CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad 2021. It is located in zone V, Mouza Lohi BherOff Soan Garden Road, Islamabad. This society is located at a pretty excellent location, which is not far away from the prominent localities of the twin cities. The Layout of CBR Town was approved on 24-02-2007. This housing scheme allows you to make safe investments in the capital city Islamabad.

Engineers Housing Scheme

Engineers Housing Scheme is situated under zone 2 in Sectors D-16 & D-17 of Islamabad. It is in CDA approved societies list. Engineers Housing Scheme offers about 706 Residential Plots for sale at a peaceful location. They received the NOC from CDA on 08-11-2010. It is amongst the best housing societies of Islamabad, with all the luxuries in the form of parks, walking tracks, mosques, commercial areas, security and much more.

Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme

Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme is located at Mouza Tarlai Kalan, Tarlai Khurd Chak Sudhar and Khanna Dak on Khanna Lehtrar Road Islamabad. It comes under zone IV Islamabad. The Islamabad airport is just at a distance of 9 km, while Zero point is just 8 km from this society. Rehman Enclave is one of the CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad 2021. It is comprised of 690 kanals of land, where they offer residential plots in different sizes. This is one of the legal housing societies of Islamabad as it has got its NOC on 31-12-2019.


The first world is passing through the evolutionary stages rapidly. Luckily, Islamabad has many housing schemes that are comparable to any world-class housing scheme across the globe. All you need is to go through a deep investigation to find the CDA approved housing societies list. That will not only save time but will save your investment as well. We hope this article would have helped you in your search for CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad 2021.

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